Monday, January 30, 2012

Janurary is almost gone


The parable was great Mom. Thank you for sending that to me.
And Dad, I bet your talk was great. You should send that to me too. Ryan I pray you win! And Sara, I really enjoy your letters. Don't forget to write me. Even if it is a small paragraph.

So this is my last week of the transfer. I have two transfers left or three months. President Holmes interviewed me this week and talked to me about trying to go 110 percent these last three months. And that's what I plan to do. My faith can grow a lot and my diligence can be refined. My Love for the Lord is really high, but can always be greater. Did I ever tell you I really love it here. I love serving these Michiganders!

My vision is to leave behind a legacy. A good one! One that leads an example for future missionaries. One that I will be proud of. And so I desire it. I and so it will be!

This week was another good week. We had the zone leaders texting us multiple times to encourage us to get standards of excellence this week so that we could get zone of excellence. We were short baptism dates and people at church in our area.

I am really loved. I see God's Hand in his work and I am so thankful for his guidance.

WE FOUND A TRAILER PARK! JACKPOT! WE ARE SO EXCITED! WE ALREADY HAVE FOUND TWO FAMILIES TO TEACH. THAT'S RIGHT, FAMILIES! Not single individuals. I never thought I would get warm fuzzies when entering a trailer park. Haha! It was so exciting. WE GOT 11 MEMBER PRESENTS. That's the most I have ever seen done by my companionship. The sign up sheet is really working. We just pass it around in Relief Society and Primary and if we have time the rest of the classes the last hour.

Let me tell you though. It is hard to have the whole ward on your mind and all your investigators. Trying to find good fellow-shippers for our investigators are not difficult, it's just remembering to make contact with them enough to have us and missionary work on their minds. We are insight hopefully and in-mind.

I am again testifying that I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it is the tool I should and do use most when I want my investigator to come closer to the Savior and have a broken heart and contrite spirit. SO READ IT!

That last part was a reminder for all of us! I get intense randomly!

Sister Bishop was great at following a prompting on Sunday. Sister Hall and Brother Hall were sad that they were not involved with their daughter-in-law's lessons. Sister Bishop came to Sister Hall not knowing this and asked her if we could see them every other week with Jessica. She almost was in tears, thanking Sister Bishop for saying that. She ran to go get her husband and they were so excited to get that moving. So we will teach Jessica one week at the Temples and one week at her in-laws. I hope Jessica is okay with the change. Seeing investigators the same time and place helps them get into a routine to expect and lean on. But change might be good.

I am so happy Sister Bishop is progressing! I am too and I love it!
If I train again that would be awesome!

We will Finish Strong!
Love You!
Sister Burnham

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