Monday, December 19, 2011

Staying strong

On Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 11:07 AM, Brianne Burnham wrote:
Dear Family,
This week I was on exchanges with Sister Holmes. She is one of the newest sisters and she is serving in Northville. Served Wed. and Thurs. with her. She is happy and sincere. She is honest with herself and her companions. She is patient and a good listener. She applies what she studies and organizes her day really well. Tracting was hard for her. She isn't as persistent as I can be. I learned I have grown a lot in the last couple of months by going on this exchange. I never thought of myself as bold, but now I strive to have that as part of my nature. I did make her sing with me a couple of times. She was warned about that from her comp. I think I must have a reputation of being the singing sister that sings at all her lessons. Which is true. I do, almost all the time. It's funny thinking about it!
We were able to meet back for practice for the fireside. It was a full program. I sang Oh Holy Night with no piano player, and then later I sang a duet with sister Bishop, with a piano player. The song was called Jesus Was No Ordinary Man. Good and simple. Sister Bishop looked like she doesn't do that very often. Her quite clear voice sure rang simple tunes to those listening ears out in the audience.
I did get the package that the Elders brought me from Jenni. Thank you, but I was warned not to open it till Christmas. Now that I have permission to open it I will do that as soon as I get home. Today we are going bowling with our district for district activity. That's a most common thing to do. I GET TO WEAR PANTS!
We also had New Missionary Orientation this week. It was a busy week for us Sisters. Not a lot of time to have lessons. Our goal is to have 20 lessons a week. We were short and only had 17 this week. :( At the meeting we are lectured by President Homles and the Assistants. We learn about our purpose, how to use PMG, how to be obedient, what the gospel is, and what the doctrine of gathering is. We are also fed an early dinner. It was sooooo Good!
Some highlights of people we met this week are Tony and Dakota.
Dakota is in college has I think two girls and studying biology. He is the son of a potential investigator that lives near us. He was very open and interested in having a healthy discussion, to answer some questions he had about having religion and science in our lives. He is being taught about evolution and biology stuff, that is making him question God and his purpose and even our purpose on this earth. We definitely got caught up in it and stayed way too long. He was fine with it, but as PMG says we should not stay for very long in lessons. SO to us it was too long, but we learned a lot about him and his ideas. We are seeing him again Tuesday. We hope we get in contact with an LDS Biologist soon. Well, very cool experience.
Tony, cool experience two. He was last night. We went tracting and while getting out of the car he was already at the door waiting. We introduced ourselves and mentioned the Book of Mormon. Then all of a sudden I found myself staring at this man in the eyes, not catching everything he was saying, just staring. I knew he was talking about anti-mormon stuff. I knew he was passionate about our souls, but all I could do is look into his eyes and pray he was going to stop moving his mouth and let us answer his questions that were spewing out of his mouth. I learned that some people have pamphlets that prepare them when we come to their door. He used it in front of us and he was reading off scriptures from the Book of Mormon. He was nice, but did not say very nice things about Joseph Smith and other prophets. He mentioned things that allowed me to think to myself and say I am glad I know this thing or that. Even if he doesn't, I am glad we were able to lead him to I hope he goes there to study our beliefs instead of his pastors pamphlets. HOPE goes along way!
Oh and I was sick. Bad bad cold, but I feel better. I sang with it. Not my best performance. I messed up a few times. But I will keep on singing! It blesses lives nonetheless.
Merry Christmas!
Love you,
Finish Strong
Sister Burnham

Another little bit from Sister Burnham:

Sister Bishop and I are doing well. We are serving each other and happy and crying cuz we miss family and praying cuz we love God! I am so happy to be here during Christmas. My heart is full and my mind is simply full of Christmas stories and gratitude for memories of family traditions preparing us for the true meaning of Christmas.

I am probably the most honest trainer. We are slowly getting to know each other more and more each week.

Tell the ward I miss them too.

Love you,
Finish Strong

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy, Busy and Cold

We didn't get a letter from Sister Burnham this week but we did find out that she is very cold and obviously too busy to write an update for us. So, if you get a minute you can write her a warm and loving letter to cheer her up! She could really use the pick-me-up!

She has a lot of investigators and she said that Christmas cards would be nice to get. She is working hard and learning the challenges of being a trainer.

Sister Burnham
216 Harrison St #102 Chelsea, MI 48118