Wednesday, December 22, 2010

White Wash to Sterling Heights!!!

YES, it is true Sister Burnham is now serving in the Sterling Heights ward and YES that is Jennilyn and Christian's ward!
YES we are surprised but SO excited to have her close. She was able to come over Christmas Day and we will enjoy seeing her every Sunday.

Although I think we will have to kick up our member missionary skills...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Three Baptisms and a visit!

It was an eventful week! My sister Jenni and her family came from Sterling Heights to see me and wish me a Merry Christmas. They were so excited to see me. I didn't know how to react. Was I supposed to crazy I thought to myself, or did I need to have a more calm dignity. I expressed my love and gratitude for their example to me and their involvement with the missionaries in their ward. I was very happy to hold my nieces and nephew. I miss playing with little children. They stayed for an early dinner and then we went to teach a lesson. So my goodbyes were brief yet I will cherish those moments forever. My deepest gratitude goes to the Lord for trusting me to see them. And I thank President Holmes for giving them permission to see me. I was able to carry that love I had for my family and give that away to my investigators. Explaining to them that the pictures of us show real love and devotion to one another. I want everyone to have what I have!!!!!! And I have a lot!!!Jeff and Alex


So I am sure you are wondering what happened at my first Baptism!!!!!!!! Angel May Spears was baptised Dec. 12, 2010. She was beautiful and she even asked me to sing Amazing Grace for her. Her little niece that came with her put a hymn book on the floor in front of me while I was singing, and stood upon it. She raised her arms to the heavens and closed her eyes. She started to mouth words. I wished every one could have seen her expression that was on her face. She was so intune with the song. I thank the Lord for sending her to me in the time in needed comfort from my nervousness. I have never performed that song so I was grateful!!!! It was so darling!
She was happy! She is looking forward to getting confirmed!!!
So we are not being transefered!!!!! That is fantastic. We have so much planned this dec. Three Baptisms and great new investigator lessons. I am excited to see people filled with this Spirit of Christ! I can't prevent people from going through tough times, but I can uplift them with prayer and song. I am ready to work.
Even when I spilled Bleach on my skirt, i still felt Happy today. So it was a good laugh/surprise, but now I have an excuse to get a warmer skirt!
I love Monroe and the people I am meeting here! Thanks for Keeping me here Heavenly Father!

So since I spilled Bleach on my skirt and it looks like poop, I am going to buy a warmer black skirt for the winter. And I want to thank you for e-mailing me. I love you! You wanted me to write the date the letter is sent. Well I forgot to last week, but I always send it Tuesday Morning, cause that is when they pick up the mail.

Thanks for inviting people for Christmas! That was going to be my Christmas Present that I was going to ask for.

Jenni, Thank you so much for seeing me and bringing me my favorite casserole. I am enjoying the sight of it right now.

I want to see pictures of your skinny face. Mom says you are looking good from wrestling. I am proud of you for getting first and working at something you like to do.

Sara, Send me an art piece! I miss seeing those pictures! I love your stinking guts!

Sean, I hope school is kicking your bum!!! Just Kidding! I am glad you chose BYU! Keep it up. I hope you are taking lots of notes at the devotionals.

Sandy, I hope you are healthy and still living there. And enjoy Christmas with the Family.

A trip to Monroe

We had the wonderful opportunity to go visit Sister Burnham in Monroe on Saturday. We wanted to be able to see her on Christmas, but Christian is on-call so we wouldn't be able to make it. So, I called her mission President to see if we could come down for a early Christmas visit.
After I left a message at the mission office I got a call from Brianne a couple of hours later and was SO excited to hear her voice!

Monroe is only and hour and fifteen minutes away from Sterling Heights so it was a prefect Saturday trip to see Brianne. I made her favorite dinner chicken broccoli casserole and some other goodies to stock up her kitchen.
Here are some pictures from our trip. . .

I never knew Monroe had their own MTC

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and the kids had a blast playing with Aunt Brianne. Brianne said it was weird to have the kids call her Brianne and not "Sister."

Brianne was so happy and had nothing but good things to say about the mission, her companion and the people she has been teaching. Her companion said that ever since Brianne got there she has been so full of the spirit and such a great missionary.

Only an hour away I have to keep reminding myself that Brianne is on a mission and not just visiting. It is hard not to think about her all the time.

She sends her love to everyone!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pre-Mission Photo Shoot

A good friend was kind enough to take some pictures of Brianne while she was in Utah before she left on her mission. So here are some of our favorites. . .

Monday, November 29, 2010

Singing up a storm

Picture courtesy of Margaret 10/10/10

Here is a little snipit of what Sister Burnham had to say:

Mom, I have not received any letters that you said would come from you and dad. And Thanks for the thankful list I was really touched. You reminded me, so I told the members of my relief society that I dance and that the Christmas Program coming up is something I participated in a couple of years ago. They liked that. And they found out I can sing. So I am singing on Dec 12th I am still a social butterfly here. Before Sacrament meeting I am getting to know the members and trying to plan appt with them. You will be really proud of me. Dad I am getting every ones last name down!
So I received a blessing yesterday. I was told in the blessing to read more scriptures, allow others to exercise their agency, and to work on being unified with my companion. So pray that I can do that! I also need to work on testifying in our lessons.
I read the letter you sent to Sister Cantey! (She is a lady in the ward that went on spits with Brianne and they wrote home to tell my parents all about Brianne and how great she is doing!!!)That was so sweet of her to write you Mom! I am singing up a storm here, and loving every minute.
I love you,
Sister Burnham

Monday, November 22, 2010

4 words...

The last letter from Sister Burnham could be summed up into 4 words

I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is working hard and loving the people.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Sent: Monday, November 15, 2010 8:11:45 AM
Subject: Re: :-)

Dear Family,
My goals for this week are: Read scriptures while driving to apts. Memorize one a day. Invite everyone we testify to to be baptized. Study recognizing the Holy Ghost. And pay attention to where I am.
This last week was great, yet we had a bad attendance number this Sunday.
My first Zone Conference was a blast. I learned that relationships with others are hard to build because you are meeting so many people a day and I can't get their names straight. The more time I spend with them, the more I see how God sees them...
I am treasuring up the scriptures more...
I love this work and will finish strong!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Teaching with the Spirit and keeping warm :)

Sent: Monday, November 8, 2010 7:59:26 AM

Subject: Re: Hi from Home! :-)

Since I am new in the field I bet you are wondering how I am adapting to Monroe. That is my first area. The missionaries say it is the teaching area. You teach more lessons than other areas.
I got to the airport. I gave a pass along card to Willie... I went to the Mission Home and ate dinner. It felt like they knew me already. We had a scripture lesson held by President Holmes and then I went to another missionaries apt. to sleep. I then went back to the Holmes to have breakfast and study with President Holmes and the other Elders. We discussed how we should teach and used a lot of scriptures one after another. I brought up how we persuade others by using the Book of Mormon. I felt special because he then focused on my comment the rest of the time. We then went to the church and had a training meeting and I met my companion Sister Corbridge. We hit it off great. Now we are as close as ever and teaching with the Spirit.
Well, I am doing okay. We have investigators with baptismal dates that were in motion before I got to the area. So that made it easy for me to go right in to teaching other lessons.

...I was amazed how small the ward is. But that means it can just get bigger. I am implementing music when we teach less-active members. I can see that softening hearts already.
This winter will be cold for me. And I do not have everything I need so today I will buy a winter coat, boots, wool socks, sweaters, and a hat. Hopefully that will be enough to keep me warm.
Sister Corbridge is worried she does not explain things to me very well. She does, I am just a complicated person to understand. But she did tell me that she likes teaching with me, because we teach more by the spirit. Like the spirit is more concentrated in the homes. That made me feel good. I have to learn the doctrine.
My planner is still not filled with thoughts like I thought it would be, so I am working on that. I am praying specifically for things whenever I pray. I just want to stay humble and not get a head of myself when I pray. Sometimes I have to sit in silence or pray for a while until I feel the spirit. Sister Corbridge probably thinks I pray too long.
The apt. smells better than the outside smoky smell. Ugh, I will be coming home smelling like smoke. That bad kind of smoke.
My biggest goal everyday is that I will finish strong! So I ask you, will you pray for me and Sis. Corbridge to FINISH STRONG? If you do I know that we will! And you will know by the Holy Ghost if we are.
I feel HIS love.
Sister Burnham

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monroe, Michigan

Sister Burnham arrived in Michigan on November 1st, excited but tired from her long trip from Utah. Her companion is Sister Corbridge. She is from Ogden UT.

She sent a little email when she got in.
"i am excited to teach. We have seven new Referrals so i am excited to teach about faith and the plan of salvation. talk to ya on Monday. That is my P-day. mom i got the package thank you!"


Sister Burnham


This is an email from a couple serving in the mission.

Brother and Sister Burnham,
We are so honored to have your daughter in our home for safe keeping and a good night’s sleep. She must be mighty tired but still has so much energy and radiance.
We are blessed to have her here and we will have our eye out for her when we attend mission firesides etc. Elder and Sister Ray from the mission office are in our apartment complex just downstairs and they will be taking her to the mission home in the morning for breakfast. The Ray’s will always keep us aware of where your daughter is assigned. She is so adorable.

Elder Hoopes and I are serving two years here in the Detroit Michigan Mission having come from Tempe, Arizona.
Thank you for another blessing in our lives.

Sister Burnham is serving in Monroe, Michigan which is only an hour and 15 minutes from Jennilyn and her family. We are uplifted from her letters and emails. Like always only happiness from our Brianne!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Missionary Training Center

Here are some pictures Brianne sent home of her time at the
Missionary Training Center

Which mission are you going to?

Sister Burnham and Miller

MTC District October 2010
MTC District at the Provo, Utah Temple

Michigan Detroit Mission flight group

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Birthday wish come true...

On Sunday, October 10, 2010 Brianne received the greatest present she could think of for her 21st birthday. A group of worthy Priesthood holders surrounded her and placed their hands on her head to set her apart as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

(former) Bishop David Neilson, (former) President Matthew Hawkins, Brother Tracy Walker, President Anthony Marshall, Father/Bishop Stuart Burnham, (former) President Rand Tolboe
These very kind and wise men and their wives took time before the setting apart to give Brianne some very wise counsel. The kind of wisdom one can only receive from having served willingly and unselfishly in any capacity the Lord needed them. Brianne has been blessed to grow up under the tutelage of these leaders. The Spirit was strong as President Marshall set her apart and gave her a blessing to go forth and love the people of Michigan and teach them of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. For the next 18 months she will do just that being known only as Sister Burnham.