Wednesday, May 2, 2012

See you Wednesday

I am sending some boxes by mail. My suitcases are not going to be heavy. I have one skirt I will be wearing it, and two shirts. One I will be wearing. I have garments but I need new ones. And I am going to need tissues so bring a handkerchief please! I want to see your pretty faces, and bring all of the people I taught with me. Bitter sweet I guess. I am so nervous to go home. This last week is such a blur. I really have been spontaneously freaking out. Saying goodbye is never fun. SO I Have not cried yet, accept when we didn't have a ride to transfers and a sister in our ward asked if she could do anything for us. She immediately said she would be our driver. Prayers answered. I really want one of those missionary planners for RMs. I have seen one from a RM from here and it looks very useful. 

I love you all, and really want to keep finishing strong! 

See you Wed.