Monday, March 26, 2012

Three investigators

I have about thirteen min and I am so way behind in writing this letter.
SO this week we had three investigators at church. Jessica brought her less active husband.
Kollyn is 15 and is starting to go to ym's with a member of the ward. YES!
And Pat is a regular.

The testimonies were perfect. This was Kollyn first time. We gave him a church tour on Sat to get him ready for Sunday. He stayed all three hours. I hope he comes next week. He is still working on the faith part of his lessons and reading. He is not at all responsible. He has been to everywhere I never want to be. Example, juvie! Anyways we are seeing progress so that's good. He doesn't swear around anyone except his aunt and family who adopted him when he was a baby.

I sang at a fireside on Thursday. Houston came to that. I sang the song I memorized at home. Dad do you remember singing it with me while I played. Well I am much better at playing the piano now and still going to keep it up. I sang and played the song. I dedicated it to Dad and all the others dads there. It was perfect. It was, "Whom Shall I Serve."

We are teaching members from an outline President gave us called, "Seize the Mormon Moment." So we are teaching this and really getting success from families. They are more open and we are team teaching really well.

Love you,
Finish Strong!
Sister Burnham

Monday, March 19, 2012

Quick note from Sister B.

Oh man! A lot has happened this past week.

2) Mom came to Michigan wow!
3) Car got broke so we walked everywhere
4) Taco Night
5)Yes, I got bangs. My comp cut her hair so I thought I would do something too. If it doesn't look good, LIE TO ME! Hahahah!

I am so excited to help in Dexter to help pick up trash and garbage where the tornado hit. Hopefully this is a wake up call and people will soften their hearts. We hav not been able to find any investigators in Dexter my whole 6 months I have been here.

Our car broke on wed. So we have no car until today or tomorrow. The gear got stuck in reverse once and we had a stranger call his friend who is a mechanic and change the gear manually. So then we drove it home and the next day drove it to the dealership and the man said, "YOU DROVE THIS HERE? ARE YOU CRAZY? THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS GIRLS!" I said, "Well, we were driving on a prayer." He was so shocked because something that is supposed to be attached the to the engine wasn't, so that we could shift gears. Just a little small part broke. But if we hadn't figured out it was broken, then we would have been in that tornado. We were planning on that day to go to Dexter and proselyte, because our ward mission leader is pressing us to work more in that area. So we were set on going but, I am glad the car stopped working. It is interesting how everything falls into place.

Our ward had a taco night/auction for girls camp. It was so good. A member got us these peanut butter and chocolate bars/fudge treats. Yum! And we had some non-members there and our mexican investigator Andres was there. I wish Sean was here to teach him. I really do.

I love you so much! The Easter package was perfect. The granola reminds me of home and the stuffed dog is perfect to keep me company at night. I am trying to get as much rest as possible at night, because it is my last transfer and I am not going to go home with regret. I hope Houston and Jessica get baptized in April.

Love you!
Finish Strong!

FYI There was tornado warnings last week in Chelsea, Ann Arbor and there was extensive damage in a town near Brianne called Dexter.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Incoming missionaries

Here are the newest missionaries in the Detroit Michigan Mission

Elder Cowen, Elder Vass, Elder Valdon, Elder Salazar, Sister Rogers, Sister Simcock, Elder Slawinski, Elder Hart.

Sister Bishop and Sister Burnham with their newest baptism

Gladys Knight is coming

Wow! Let me just tell you Mom that you are the best. If you want, can you plan every semester for me? It interesting to think how much planning is involved in mission work. And to think that is one planning event I don't have to do. I am so happy about that, and excited to hear about your phone call with Jenni and Buddy. It makes me smile!

So the Gladys Knight Fireside will be the biggest missionary move here in our mission. All members who are attending have someone coming with them that is not a member. We have three who are taking us. We have a total of four investigator coming to this. We wish we had more. We might have a chance to get maybe one more investigator to come. You always can fit one more person.

SO this is what I was told. We are going to hear Sister Knight's testimony and conversion story. We are going to hear her direct the choir that travels with her. They are mostly white. But I hope that it sounds like full on soul music. I am so happy that we have her coming. She did go to Oakland CA to perform. I know that because our stake president was mission president in Oakland at that time. They will be performing in the church building. 1000 seats will be set up or more I think each performance. We have to be there an hour early. I am going Sunday at 7:00. It is going to be something I have never heard or seen before. Missionaries have to come with an investigator. They don't go with out one.
New commandment=Thou shalt not come to the Gladys Knight Fireside with out an investigator. :) 60% music and 40% testimony.

I did get the package! And it is awesome! Lot's of snack food. We need those while we drive from one appt to another. It was perfect. She sent me enough to last my mission. :( So sad and weird to think that March is my second to last month here. But I am not the same person I was when I left. I am more determined to set goals and reach them. I have less fear and more faith. I know my purpose and have God on my side! And I have wonderful parents and siblings that are so supportive. And I do miss you very much!

And also we had Stake conference this weekend. We have an awesome week full of investigators again being fellow shipped and working more with members. I just have to make the phone calls. YEAH!

We had two investigators come to church. We are working with an investigator that is 15 who really likes the air force and is being fellow shipped by a family of 8 kids. There oldest son is 17 and daughter is 15. Perfect!

So this is what I need to work one this week. REFERRALS AND BAPTISM INVITES!
I am so bad at asking for referrals it is sick! UGH! Anyways I am really going to desire and pray every day that I can start being a missionary who finds new investigators through members because I asked them. If its the last thing I do! Okay now that I committed to you I need to commit to God and I will be fine.

Finish Strong!
Sister Burnham