Monday, March 26, 2012

Three investigators

I have about thirteen min and I am so way behind in writing this letter.
SO this week we had three investigators at church. Jessica brought her less active husband.
Kollyn is 15 and is starting to go to ym's with a member of the ward. YES!
And Pat is a regular.

The testimonies were perfect. This was Kollyn first time. We gave him a church tour on Sat to get him ready for Sunday. He stayed all three hours. I hope he comes next week. He is still working on the faith part of his lessons and reading. He is not at all responsible. He has been to everywhere I never want to be. Example, juvie! Anyways we are seeing progress so that's good. He doesn't swear around anyone except his aunt and family who adopted him when he was a baby.

I sang at a fireside on Thursday. Houston came to that. I sang the song I memorized at home. Dad do you remember singing it with me while I played. Well I am much better at playing the piano now and still going to keep it up. I sang and played the song. I dedicated it to Dad and all the others dads there. It was perfect. It was, "Whom Shall I Serve."

We are teaching members from an outline President gave us called, "Seize the Mormon Moment." So we are teaching this and really getting success from families. They are more open and we are team teaching really well.

Love you,
Finish Strong!
Sister Burnham

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