Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conference Weekend =)

This week was amazing. I am so happy to tell you that I am still staying focused and still going to be focused on my purpose til they come and take this tag off themselves. BRING IT! I am so pumped for this last month. We have lots of work ahead of us. And there is no room for fear or procrastination. I have been working with Sister Rogers with role plays. She is still getting away with a lot during lessons. But she will soon see that the work gets more exciting as we invite others to repent. She is so funny. I am not sarcastic, and she is really sarcastic. So that is our next project. How to find a happy median. We went to the BIG HOUSE today. The stadium is huge and we got a tour of the stadium and suites that rich people watch the football games in. We got to stand on the turf and some elders raced the 100 yard dash. It was fun to be with our zone and President Holmes came as well.

Are any of you jealous? I did take pictures.
Conference was perfect for the inv that watched it. Sat we watched morning with Houston and afternoon with a member. Sunday we watch both sessions with Martha who says she is planning on coming to church taking her daughter with her. This is a big step for Martha. She knows the Book of Mormon is true and she knows that what she feels is the spirit. She says she hasn't felt that yearning to go to church since she was a teenager. I am so proud of the area and we are again falling behind in finding so we are again refocusing and tracting more. I have good and bad weeks when it comes to finding. It will get better.
So Sean said that he liked priesthood session. He is doing so well. The number of people he has on date to be baptized is so amazing. I am so proud of him. He should continue what he is doing. He might make a district leader soon and then make his way right up to AP.
We went to Specialized training as well twice this week. Took a lot of time out, but it was good to go over special needs of the mission. President Holmes wants us to focus on the fundamentals of PMG. We have been straying a bit from that. We are trying to work with the spirit more, and trying to pray with more intent and make it a goal for each missionary to baptize each month. That is possible. I know it!
Thank you for the motivating and inspiring thoughts. I love how hard our family works. And I love how Ryan said that he recognizes how blessed he is to have parents who provide him with spending money and helping him along with other things they provide. I know as long as our family gives to each other and continues to give thanks to God for how awesome our family is we will be blessed. Or one of us will all of a sudden get cancer and then we will have to be tested in that way. Because our family is just too awesome. I love you Mom and Dad, and the rest of you! I am so proud of Sara. And I agree with Sean. Stop having crushes. Just stop growing up.

Love YOU! Finish Strong!

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