Monday, April 23, 2012

What we are made of

Dear Family,

I just got info sent to me about baggage and things to prepare to return home. I am not in a very happy mood. I am nervous and can't believe this is my last week. My stomach is in knots and I am overwhelmed with getting trunky all of a sudden. Did you know that I finally understand the question, "Why do bad things happen to good people." This is because there is no comfort in the growth zone, and no growth in the comfort zone. I have to realize that this is just an end to a chapter in my life, that is all. SO what an e-mail Mom. That was such a great one to really end on. I am thinking about how much I love and appreciate the temple. It really does bring hope and peace.  So I don't know what to say, about last week. Sean's letter tops it, for sure. But I can tell you that my investigators are progressing and I have not one inch of fear this last week to talk to people. It might have something to do with me going home and trying to leave the area better than I found it. I feel I have. I am so excited for Sean. I have the best brothers in the world.

Sunday we only had Jessica at church. She didn't stay for other meetings, so we had a singing lesson during gospel principles. Only Brother Lukasiack and Sister  Ratza and her mother-in-law were there. All active members. Sister Ratza and Sister Rogers sang hymns while I played. I am getting better at the hymns Mom, you should be proud of me. I hope Sara and I can play together. And the Bishop came in and sang the last song with us. It was very good.

Sister Rogers spoke. She was so nervous and cut it short. The first counselor to the bishop came to her afterwards and said that they forget sometimes how inexperienced and young missionaries are. I think he was saying that to comfort her, but man I didn't take it that way. Hahahahaha! Well, I sang again with two other sisters. We sang, "Lord, I would Follow Thee." It was great.

We met with a lot of members trying to help them invite their friends and family to ward activities and things. And tracting! 

Thats it!
Sister Burnham
Finish Strong!

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