Monday, April 16, 2012

Worth of Souls is Great!


Dear Family:
There was one lady who came out with this sad look on her face. I didn't ask what church she belonged to but she was adamant that we were deceived because we had the Book of Mormon. The concern was we were adding to the Bible. ...Sister Rogers... asked if she could bear her testimony after the lady bore hers. The lady said no of course. Typical, but, I then asked the lady to say a prayer. She was more than happy to offer a prayer for our sad souls. It was quite interesting. The lady prayed that we would really study our faith and make sure that we were getting right information. I loved that prayer. Yes in it there was a little different doctrine that she was trying to plant a seed in our hearts, didn't happen, but she tried. And so that's how some people are.
I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting about the Worth of Souls. Bishop Hicken was in for a treat. My goodness was I so excited! Afterwords he let me know how much he loved the talk. He said he wanted to give me a hug if he could. I was able to talk to Brother Taepke, a member and convert. He was divorced a long time ago. And he said to me with a red teared face, "After hearing your talk I will walk out of this meeting a changed man." He stumbled over it because of his emotions, but he is older than dad and I assume very sensitive. Wow, was I touched by the spirit. Being an instrument in God's hand is like no other. I can't describe the love I had for him at that moment. Again I couldn't hug him, but I sure wanted too.
Then Sister Schulte told me I made her cry and that she was so glad I am serving here.
Then Sister Taylor the music director said that she needed to hear that. And invited me to sing with her next sacrament meeting, the hymn "The Lord, Is My Light." She gave me a hug then I could feel the love leave my body, and she started to cry. I was shocked and so humbled at that moment. She tried to hold back the tears so no one would notice. I was then thanked by others as well.
It was great to get a text from Jessica Hall our investigator last night. She mentioned how she and her LA husband Jimmy who has been to church four times in a row now, prayed together that they both would be edified and get something from church. She said they both were touched by the words that came out of my mouth.
I am so glad that I can give the credit to the Godhead. I am humbled and will always look back on this day and remember the hearts that were touched. My heart if full for this ward and all the members. I will miss them so much. I am grateful for being transferred here.

Cool! thing just happened the sun all of a sudden appeared and the warmth feels good. I love those aha moments. It's great to know that when I go home my Stake President will not be there. So for a day or so I get to continue being a missionary until my Stake President gets home and can catch me to release me. Can you imagine Sister Burnham being chased because she doesn't want to be released. Hahahahaha! It was a good joke, but there is a time for everything.

I hope you have a great day.
Love, Sister Burnham
Finish Strong!

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