Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cookin up a good time

Sister Burnham taking care of her companion and cooking up some great meals.

Yummy deep fried french toast

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011


Sister Burnham is packed up and ready to go...

Sister Burnham was transferred to Romeo Michigan Tuesday April 18th 2011

If you click on the map you can see that Romeo is only about 15 miles away from Sterling Heights!
We were sad to see her go but know she will learn and grow and touch lives in Romeo. She is Senior companion with Sister Dunn. I will let you know more as soon as we hear from her:

I got transferred to Romeo! My Companion's Name is Sister Dunn. You know how much I love to tract, so your wish was for me to get a testimony of it? Well here in Romeo they do a lot of tracting. I have not gone tracting in over two months. We are serving in a Branch with members that do not work with the missionaries very much. They do have a couple of investigators but we hope to get more soon. I love Sister Dunn already. She is Awesome! She has been out 6 weeks. So she is the last new sister after me. The two newest missionaries are comps, cool!!!!! We will tare it up. I am senior comp which means I get to drive. I like this very much. I miss driving. Being a navigator has really helped me be aware of where I am. So I am better for it. I am happy I am not having to back out the driver anymore. I will write more on Thursday. I am going to Detroit to go sight seeing with the rest of the Sisters. I will tell you how that goes as well. I love you! And I will Finish Strong in Romeo!!

Here are some silly outtakes from her time in Sterling Heights!

We will sure miss your beautiful face Sister Burnham

Finish Strong

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Next Six Weeks :)

Let me just say that I am glad you were able to hear from that African lady. She came as well to our area. (To a Relief Society Conference) I even got a picture with her. This happened last month. I thought I told you. But you remembered more than I did. She told us that she is usually more graphic at the time out for women. So I am glad you and I both had the same experience and received that same impressions.
I am going to give Jenni some more pictures to put up on her blog. So expect to see some silly videos and pictures. I hope you love them.

I don't know really how to explain to you what really happened this week. But the fruits of testimony it felt I was talking to her specifically. The Spirit was with her and she is so excited to get baptised on May 1. And Kiwon Son, my first Korean investigator came. He is 17 and very polite. He sat right between me and Sister Corbridge. I had him read the prayer while Sister Corbdridge had him read about Sacrament in the Gospel Doctrines book. God sent us to him at the right time. the work came on Sunday. We had 5 investigators there. I was so happy I had to take the chance to bear my testimony. And After sacrament meeting I held Sis. ____ (an investigator) so tight I didn't not want her to leave. She and her husband did leave after the first hour sadly. But Hallelujah that they came. Oh it was such a good thing. Also Peggy and Edna came. Edna is 69 turning 70 in August. And she is loving the fellowship and the whole spirit she feels when she walks into the bldg. She told me that when I had shared my
The family he is staying with who is his second cousin, will be a strong support for him. Which is perfect. Also we went to have Korean food with them after we left the Break the Fast with the Singles, and then after the Korean meal we went to teach the Martins and they had also made meal for us. Oh they could tell we had food before we came, because of how little food I was eating. I had to really be careful that I wasn't going to burst. NO BUENO!

Nick Adkins and his Mom and Sister Burnham

The last thing that I want to talk about was the Blessing to see Nick Adkins receive the Priesthood. He is now a priest and as Brother Bentley was praying I was crying thinking back on where Nick was not too long ago. He changed. He is a new man, and I love it. I am shocked that I have been able to witness his Baptism and Ordination all in one transfer. His sister was also able to be there from BYU Idaho that was recently baptized a few years ago. Tony is soon going to do the same thing.
This Sunday was faith building and yet we still have more to do. Our goal is to put more people on date this week. Lets hope that Sister Corbridge and I stay together for her last six weeks of her mission. We would then be together for a whole 8 months. I think I am going through some what of a depression because I have not had another companion, so I have not experienced being transferred. I hope I don't have to face that yet. Ahhh.....I will just pray even more!!!
My heart is full and I am filled with the prayers towards me and all the other missionaries. I have seen miracles and my faith has grown. I am even getting all emotional sitting next to Sister Corbridge. I know that people are here to hear my testimony. I know that I am a missionary for He who has created me. I know that my purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Christ's atonement, Repentance, BAPTISM, and Enduring to the End. I know that that is the only way. That is what the Spirit converts people to do. The Word of God is more readily at hand then ever before. I am thankful all the angels on my side. Even those that have passed on before me. I can feel my grandparents and my great grand parents doing what they do best. Gospel is true, there is a living prophet on the earth. I will never go astray if I keep treasuring up the what is most precious. I love all of you and hope you are doing well.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Conference Weekend

Well, well, you were on the computer early today. 5 in the morning is even early for me. I had the chance to see all the sessions. 1st was at sister pix home. She is the crazy lady from Germany who says what she wants how she wants and you can always end on a good note with her if you give her a really big hug. Haha! Which you know I am really good at. 2nd session was at a members home that is full of some less-active members. They were so nice to let us come and watch with them. We hope that their daughter's friend Emily will be available soon to come over to their home so we can continue to teach her. 4th session was with investigator Peggy Alan who is ready to be baptized but needs to quit smoking and pay her debts. Those two are correlated. She is pretty much Mormon but dry! 5th session was with another investigator Kelly . She was surprised how good it was. She has a Mormon husband that is not active. She has come to church once and a baptism. I hope her continual reading from the scriptures and her prayers will lead her to the goal we try to commit her to every time we see her. Haha.. not every time but it's close. She fed us dinner afterwards. Her step daughter and two friends also ate with us. Meat loaf with bacon and pizza sauce on top. YUM YUM!!!!! Potatoes and rolls with cinnamon butter. It was a nice to get to know the girls and to let Kelly see how we are with others that are not members. We brought up God and our divine nature and individual worth. These girls were seniors so we really had to lower ourselves down to their level of "girly-ness"!!! They were shocked we actually were talking about spiritual things at the table but, man it brought me right back home when I would eat with the family and those subjects never seemed weird or foreign. such is life as a Mormon. We didn't gain them as investigators, which was probably doable if we really had faith in the Spirit, but if we see them again there is nothing stopping us. We asked for forgiveness from God and for a second humble as possible.

So conference weekend was great. I have never felt it go by so fast. It was a nice reboot and gave me a more motivation to have faith in the Lord. I have been studying faith and the power that can come from unshaken faith. The President feels that it is important for me to focus on this subject. Great things and miracles come from exercising faith. I have the desire, I have the hope, and I am working min by min on the charity. SO next my faith will be continually tested and it's my duty to be obedient to the promptings of the Spirit.
We received a new investigator this week. It happened to be a son of a recent convert of last year. Sister Holmes and her daughter were baptized. Sister Holmes was confirmed in the Northshores ward but her daughter never was. I don't know why they never did, but they are in our area and so we are now going to teach them. We visited them last week. And her son came up from the basement to see what the noise was coming from. I chose to sing the 158 hymn and he stayed to listen as was his sister and Sister Holmes. I got his number and picture in the phone"YEAH!!" He is 17 and I think has a pretty good social life. Anyways we got him to commit to stay in the next lesson if we brought him a steak or candy bar. Our hope is to have the daughter Stephanie and son members by the beginning of May! Sister Holmes is such a big support. I am excited to see how the Lord will direct us to teach them to their needs.
So since I have a brother that is going to be 17, I hope he will give me some insights on how to teach this 17 year old here. The family is also black, which finally I get a chance to bring a black family to the gospel and true church. I have been waiting patiently, cause I know it is a silly request. BUT HALLELUJAH!
Our goals this week is to put more people on date. Pray that we will meet our goal!
Sister Corbridges birthday was last Thursday. We planned a surprise a dinner for her. The dinner was at Sister Sololowskies place. We invited all the recent converts. All seven of them. Three of them came. Sister Martin and Veronica, and Brother Ray. The surprise wasn't the dinner but who was in attendance. Sister Corbridge said, "I have never felt the spirit so strong at a birthday party." We even kept to the rules. We left with a message and still made it an hour and a half. I was so happy to see her get all emotional from the Martins letter. And I sang the primary song, "We Will Bring the World it's Truth." She got all emotional! I am glad it all worked out. Let me tell is very hard to keep secrets from your companion. Especially when you share a phone and always in hearing distance. But with the help of the ward missionaries it was possible.
We have some potential investigators, one that just got out of jail. So I hope all is well, and that he is open and ready to allow the Lord to heal him, and his heart. He seems pretty humble, I don't know actually how to teach someone that just came out of jail, but Sister Corbridges brother went through the jail stuff, so hopefully if we stay together we might have a chance I seeing him enter the waters of baptism also in May.
She has two months left. My wish is to see her last moments of her mission come out strong with perfect obedience. I pray for her every day not to get trunky. She is working really hard on that. I love her and love God for sending me her.
Until next week, FINISH STRONG!

Sister Burnham