Monday, April 18, 2011


Sister Burnham is packed up and ready to go...

Sister Burnham was transferred to Romeo Michigan Tuesday April 18th 2011

If you click on the map you can see that Romeo is only about 15 miles away from Sterling Heights!
We were sad to see her go but know she will learn and grow and touch lives in Romeo. She is Senior companion with Sister Dunn. I will let you know more as soon as we hear from her:

I got transferred to Romeo! My Companion's Name is Sister Dunn. You know how much I love to tract, so your wish was for me to get a testimony of it? Well here in Romeo they do a lot of tracting. I have not gone tracting in over two months. We are serving in a Branch with members that do not work with the missionaries very much. They do have a couple of investigators but we hope to get more soon. I love Sister Dunn already. She is Awesome! She has been out 6 weeks. So she is the last new sister after me. The two newest missionaries are comps, cool!!!!! We will tare it up. I am senior comp which means I get to drive. I like this very much. I miss driving. Being a navigator has really helped me be aware of where I am. So I am better for it. I am happy I am not having to back out the driver anymore. I will write more on Thursday. I am going to Detroit to go sight seeing with the rest of the Sisters. I will tell you how that goes as well. I love you! And I will Finish Strong in Romeo!!

Here are some silly outtakes from her time in Sterling Heights!

We will sure miss your beautiful face Sister Burnham

Finish Strong

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