Saturday, December 11, 2010

Three Baptisms and a visit!

It was an eventful week! My sister Jenni and her family came from Sterling Heights to see me and wish me a Merry Christmas. They were so excited to see me. I didn't know how to react. Was I supposed to crazy I thought to myself, or did I need to have a more calm dignity. I expressed my love and gratitude for their example to me and their involvement with the missionaries in their ward. I was very happy to hold my nieces and nephew. I miss playing with little children. They stayed for an early dinner and then we went to teach a lesson. So my goodbyes were brief yet I will cherish those moments forever. My deepest gratitude goes to the Lord for trusting me to see them. And I thank President Holmes for giving them permission to see me. I was able to carry that love I had for my family and give that away to my investigators. Explaining to them that the pictures of us show real love and devotion to one another. I want everyone to have what I have!!!!!! And I have a lot!!!Jeff and Alex


So I am sure you are wondering what happened at my first Baptism!!!!!!!! Angel May Spears was baptised Dec. 12, 2010. She was beautiful and she even asked me to sing Amazing Grace for her. Her little niece that came with her put a hymn book on the floor in front of me while I was singing, and stood upon it. She raised her arms to the heavens and closed her eyes. She started to mouth words. I wished every one could have seen her expression that was on her face. She was so intune with the song. I thank the Lord for sending her to me in the time in needed comfort from my nervousness. I have never performed that song so I was grateful!!!! It was so darling!
She was happy! She is looking forward to getting confirmed!!!
So we are not being transefered!!!!! That is fantastic. We have so much planned this dec. Three Baptisms and great new investigator lessons. I am excited to see people filled with this Spirit of Christ! I can't prevent people from going through tough times, but I can uplift them with prayer and song. I am ready to work.
Even when I spilled Bleach on my skirt, i still felt Happy today. So it was a good laugh/surprise, but now I have an excuse to get a warmer skirt!
I love Monroe and the people I am meeting here! Thanks for Keeping me here Heavenly Father!

So since I spilled Bleach on my skirt and it looks like poop, I am going to buy a warmer black skirt for the winter. And I want to thank you for e-mailing me. I love you! You wanted me to write the date the letter is sent. Well I forgot to last week, but I always send it Tuesday Morning, cause that is when they pick up the mail.

Thanks for inviting people for Christmas! That was going to be my Christmas Present that I was going to ask for.

Jenni, Thank you so much for seeing me and bringing me my favorite casserole. I am enjoying the sight of it right now.

I want to see pictures of your skinny face. Mom says you are looking good from wrestling. I am proud of you for getting first and working at something you like to do.

Sara, Send me an art piece! I miss seeing those pictures! I love your stinking guts!

Sean, I hope school is kicking your bum!!! Just Kidding! I am glad you chose BYU! Keep it up. I hope you are taking lots of notes at the devotionals.

Sandy, I hope you are healthy and still living there. And enjoy Christmas with the Family.

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