Monday, November 29, 2010

Singing up a storm

Picture courtesy of Margaret 10/10/10

Here is a little snipit of what Sister Burnham had to say:

Mom, I have not received any letters that you said would come from you and dad. And Thanks for the thankful list I was really touched. You reminded me, so I told the members of my relief society that I dance and that the Christmas Program coming up is something I participated in a couple of years ago. They liked that. And they found out I can sing. So I am singing on Dec 12th I am still a social butterfly here. Before Sacrament meeting I am getting to know the members and trying to plan appt with them. You will be really proud of me. Dad I am getting every ones last name down!
So I received a blessing yesterday. I was told in the blessing to read more scriptures, allow others to exercise their agency, and to work on being unified with my companion. So pray that I can do that! I also need to work on testifying in our lessons.
I read the letter you sent to Sister Cantey! (She is a lady in the ward that went on spits with Brianne and they wrote home to tell my parents all about Brianne and how great she is doing!!!)That was so sweet of her to write you Mom! I am singing up a storm here, and loving every minute.
I love you,
Sister Burnham

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