Monday, November 8, 2010

Teaching with the Spirit and keeping warm :)

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Since I am new in the field I bet you are wondering how I am adapting to Monroe. That is my first area. The missionaries say it is the teaching area. You teach more lessons than other areas.
I got to the airport. I gave a pass along card to Willie... I went to the Mission Home and ate dinner. It felt like they knew me already. We had a scripture lesson held by President Holmes and then I went to another missionaries apt. to sleep. I then went back to the Holmes to have breakfast and study with President Holmes and the other Elders. We discussed how we should teach and used a lot of scriptures one after another. I brought up how we persuade others by using the Book of Mormon. I felt special because he then focused on my comment the rest of the time. We then went to the church and had a training meeting and I met my companion Sister Corbridge. We hit it off great. Now we are as close as ever and teaching with the Spirit.
Well, I am doing okay. We have investigators with baptismal dates that were in motion before I got to the area. So that made it easy for me to go right in to teaching other lessons.

...I was amazed how small the ward is. But that means it can just get bigger. I am implementing music when we teach less-active members. I can see that softening hearts already.
This winter will be cold for me. And I do not have everything I need so today I will buy a winter coat, boots, wool socks, sweaters, and a hat. Hopefully that will be enough to keep me warm.
Sister Corbridge is worried she does not explain things to me very well. She does, I am just a complicated person to understand. But she did tell me that she likes teaching with me, because we teach more by the spirit. Like the spirit is more concentrated in the homes. That made me feel good. I have to learn the doctrine.
My planner is still not filled with thoughts like I thought it would be, so I am working on that. I am praying specifically for things whenever I pray. I just want to stay humble and not get a head of myself when I pray. Sometimes I have to sit in silence or pray for a while until I feel the spirit. Sister Corbridge probably thinks I pray too long.
The apt. smells better than the outside smoky smell. Ugh, I will be coming home smelling like smoke. That bad kind of smoke.
My biggest goal everyday is that I will finish strong! So I ask you, will you pray for me and Sis. Corbridge to FINISH STRONG? If you do I know that we will! And you will know by the Holy Ghost if we are.
I feel HIS love.
Sister Burnham

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