Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Training again!

I am not getting transferred. But Sister Bishop is. We will go to transfer meeting tomorrow at around 9:30. I have to go earlier because I am TRAINING! I am going to train my last two transfers. I am going to stay in Chelsea and get killed off here (meaning she will be there until she goes home). Probably by my new sister. It's so cool to get to train. I love the spirit she will bring and the new ideas and the energy and hopefully she will be flexible with anything. Sister Bishop is doing fine with the change. She is excited to grow in another area. But she will miss the families and individuals that made her grow the most.

I am so excited. I heard that she might be from England or Australia. And we are going to have such progress with how the ward is implementing missionary work more in their activities so that we can attend with our investigators. We love the members in the work. That reminds me how often do you see the missionaries? Are you hogging them? I hope you see their love for you. If you don't, I give you permission to let them know they need to show some LOVE!

How is the work in Modesto? Is our area big? I will let you know tomorrow who my comp is. I am so happy today! Even though we don't have a lot of lessons planned this week, it's going to be a really good week. I am looking at a new attitude with all of the changes. I read a talk from Elder Ballard called In the Strength of the Lord. He talks about the enabling power of the atonement. He says that we are to pray for strength while we are burdened. Not pray that [our] burdens change. So I am grateful for my burdens. I am thankful that the Lord helps me look at them differently. I am excited and less stressed. I know that circumstances come to pass. And when they pass, if I had faith and acted with patience and diligence, I know I came out better than I was. I am tired of being fearful. I am tired of being doubtful. I am tired of being tired. So I know that God knows my weaknesses and he knows how much I desire to do a good job. When I stretch my mind, and pray for help, then will the Lord fill in the rest with his grace! My Love for the gospel is full. I love how simple it is.

Elder Burnham so you should give me advice since you are being trained and I am a trainer. Tell me things you liked or disliked that your trainer did. It doesn't hurt to get some criticism here or there. I think it is cool, because it's like I could be training you. And that thought means a lot to me. I know I wouldn't be able to help your Spanish. But I could help you show love and interest in your lessons or show you what [to] do when lessons cancel or let you know that it will be all right in the end. I am so proud of you! Finish Strong!

So quickly this last week was amazing! We might not have gotten new investigators or had lots of potentials or had more than 20 lessons. What we did have happened with a few families. Sunday, Sister Tanner, the Smiths, and the Freys came to church. Sister Tanner is close to being reactivated. The Smiths dad is home from being gone for a few months. And the Freys are struggling with family issues and had the faith to come. Seeing them plus our two investigators at church was wonderful. They stayed all three hours! Yahoo!
We almost had two other investigators come, both with the same first and last name. But one I think slept in, and the other couldn't get her LA [less-active] husband up to come. These two though, have accepted the invitation to be baptized. They will not commit to a date yet. One needs permission and another needs to talk about it with us next time we meet. But when our invvestigators get baptized, their families are blessed and future generations are brought into the gospel. I love families who have the courage, attitude and faith to teach the gospel in the home!

I really want five of our investigators to be baptized in the next month. When they start coming to church regularly it will be down hill from there. And some might be able to take family members with them! It's so exciting here in Chelsea.

What I need to focus on is my purpose and the spirit's purpose. If I don't have the spirit and live to maintain it's companionship, I am dead meat, LOST, a goner, POOF! Hahahahaha!

If I want to fly high I need to keep that string connected to the Book of Mormon and the commandments and prayer. My pride won't allow me, and will sever that string, and I will plummet to the earth in a broken heap. Just like a kite would, if you cut it's string. I know how important Jesus Christ is. I love him! I love the Godhead!
I also love all of you!
Finish Strong
Sister Burnham

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