Monday, February 13, 2012

New Companion

Dear Family:

I am struggling! My mind is going here and there all the time. I have way too many worries about my investigators and I can't do any thing about it. I will not let it get to me. I just wanted to let you know. Sister Rogers is different than Sister Bishop. I told my self that comparing the two would not be healthy or good for Sister Rogers, so I am patient and trying to leave everything up to God. I am surprised how our week went....

Sister Rogers is 2nd of five. She has an older brother who served in Italy. She has two younger sisters, then the baby brother is 16 years old. We did a personality test with the whole mission to help President Holmes out. I turned out to be yellow and then my second highest rating was a blue. Sister Rogers is all White! I don't have time to explain that but if you look it up maybe you could find out what personality test we took. I think Dad is a Red and Mom I think you are a Blue! I think Sara is Yellow and Ryan as well. I think Sean is a little Blue and Yellow.

So this week I was hit with discouragement. I was thinking about how I could work with my investigators trying to imagine me staying here for the rest of my life. Thinking that makes me want to actually work harder, because I am motivated to see progression. Instead of slacking off, I have been praying harder each day for each min to be focused on my purpose. I can see what ruts I have created and what investigators I can imagine dropping for a time. Remembering all the people here I have met is difficult, so the area book is so important and writing notes about them and then remembering to call them soon after you met them, this is all going through my mind all the time.

Well, I am not perfect and my desire is to be the best missionary I can be. I am feeling a little bit more hopeful than I have been in the past, because I am not seeing progression, so I have to rely on the promise that if i have a hope for things that I can't see yet, God will see that as a willingness to bless us with the strength, and impressions to find new inv and help the ones we have progress towards baptism.

Missionary work is not a piece of cake. It is like running on a treadmill for 18 months. And sometimes the speed goes up when you don't want it to. But if you quit and step off, you have failed yourself, and could have come out more refined and in spiritual shape. I am staying on that treadmill until it kills me. I don't want to regret the time I spent to serve GOD! I thank you for all your prayers. Sister Rogers and I will soon get into a good routine and this area will be on fire.

You know about the Gladys Knight Fireside? She is coming to our Mission. She is performing Friday, Saturday and Sunday; March 9th, 10th and 11th. ITS supposed to be the greatest missionary opportunity ever. So we are really trying to focus on that. We are planning on going with our Lesbian couple. They still meet with us. One is not being taught, but the other is still reading the book of Mormon and loving it!
We had this big meeting where people from the choir came and told us about it and what we needed to do to prepare people for it. Our ward better be awesome at bringing people!

Anyways Love you all!
Finish Strong!

Sister Burnham

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