Tuesday, January 3, 2012


(Picture taken October 2010)

Wow, a lot happened to the family this week. It was awesome to read about how again my family is so wonderful and the best fit for me. I love being a Burnham! I stand proud when some one calls my name. "Sister Burnham, tell me about your self. Sister Burnham how are you. Sister Burnham thank you!" Being Sister Burnham is so cool!
Tuesday we went tracting near an investigators home. We had never been down that street so we decided it would be good. Met Becky who is a member of the Greek orthodox church. She joined as an adult with her kids. She researched it, and she finds it is some what close to whats she believes. We gave her a Book of Mormon to read and bore our testimony of its purpose. She committed to read some and talk to us about it. She also thanked us, because she was glad she finally understands how we are Christian. After I told her about Joseph Smith's vision it clicked for her. We have stopped by recently but she needs more time to read. We just don't want to lose her.
Friday we taught Jessie. She is at the point where she understands how important coming to know the Book of Mormon is true and gaining a testimony of the Restoration. She agreed to be baptised as she comes to know the truth. Great moment for a missionary and their investigators.
We went tracting the rest of the night for quite a long time. And we got into one door where this old woman let us in. We invited her to read the Book of Mormon and she agreed. She was hesitant, but we got her number to call her in the next week.
We spent New Year Eve Night with Sister Sibley a widow, but quite loving. Our goal was to memorize The Living Christ by the end of the year. So we recited that to her.
At church Sister Bishop and I spoke on goal setting and missionary work. Sister Bishop focused on desires, and I focused on becoming what we set our mind on. Goals help us focus our thoughts. Focusing our thoughts help us have clear direction and ultimately more faith in Christ and reach our potential.
I am getting overwhelmed this month because we have so many investigators that we see could get baptized this month if they decided to get "cracking" and read the Book of Mormon and go to church.
Finish Strong
Love Sister Burnham

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