Monday, October 3, 2011

Transfer to...

This is Sister Burnham's first letter:
I am grateful to be getting transferred. It will be a good change for the area and for me. I am still staying comps with Sister Jones. We will find out tomorrow where we are going to teach.
I love the Conference this month. I love the prayers said and the love the feeling as I share the TRUTH, not my guesses.
I am being converted everyday with each prayer and each confirmation from the Spirit. With each baptism and each lesson. With each Sunday when I take the Sacrament and remember that it is JESUS CHRIST who I am representing. How great is my calling!
Love you so much.
Finish Strong and God will help you do hard things tomorrow. The Work NEVER Stops.
PS Thank you for the Packages! They came at such a perfect time! I love you!

This is her second letter when she found out where she was being transferred too:

Hi I am in a new area. I am staying with Sister Jones and serving in Chelsea. It is a big area. HELL is in our area! Cool!

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Our District has Howell and Brighton.
Our Zone Leaders live in Ypsi. Pronounced ipsee. We have met with some awesome people. The area is beautiful farm land and wide open spaces with five villages. Can't name them yet, sorry. The apt. is nice and clean. We don't have a gym so we went on an early morning stroll around our apt. It is so dark in the morning. But it was nice to experience all this change with Sister Jones. I am very happy we didn't get separated.
We are organizing a lot though. We are making a binder to record the times we stop by to see people and things to keep the ward council papers and information about the members in. It is like a mini area book. Wonderful to have with you. So we are going to PEC tonight.
Talk to you on my Birthday!!!!! I won't open the box til then, but it is very tempting.
Finish Strong and Do Hard things!

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