Monday, October 24, 2011

Wonderful Week

This last week was WONDERFUL!
Monday- Taught the Bishop's family and had dinner! Taco salad! We committed them to memorize a scripture!
We taught the Covey Family, Carissa, Dee,Todd, and Daniel. And the Schultes. We taught the principle of authority. Worked out well, when Daniel is being a good boy. Daniel is 6! Dee, she is 11 and Todd is 14. We mentioned to them how important authority is and how it is important for baptism.
Tuesday- We met with Sister Dellaire for lunch and helped her put up blinds. We met with Sister Sibley who gets a service project of chopping wood from the whole ward. That happened last Sat. She is very sweet! Met with our Investigator Matt who is 30 and ELECT! He is curious, and searching and understands where we are coming from. His lessons are spiritual and tailored to him. We shared with him the role of the Holy Ghost and he is progressing! He is also dating his fellow shipper! If he goes to church he will go to the stake center in Ann Arbor.
Wed- We had district meeting.We met with the Smiths who came to church Sunday AND STAYED FOR ALL THREE HOURS! YES!!!!! We are so proud of them. We picked up a new investigator in Chelsea. She is a cop for a university and we stood at her door for her, cause she was ashamed of the inside but she was lovely to talk too. Testimony is so important in those moments at the door. Just let one out, and pray they feel the spirit you are trying to convey in your nervousness!
Thursday- We folded laundry for a family and helped clean an upstairs room that was such a burden to them. It was fun! Weird cleaning being fun!!!! We met with Mike, who is our investigator. At that lesson he said, "So, what are we going to do about this baptism thing. This Sat. is coming up, are you going to let me know what I need to do to prepare?" Little did he know, that with his big bag of tobacco we were going to introduce and commit him to the Word of Wisdom so he could prepare for baptism. I chuckled inside but wasn't prepared for what happened next. We had Sister Smith, who is working on this commandment too, give her testimony and definition of the Word of Wisdom, once he grasped the concept that he was not to smoke, drink, or have coffee or tea, he said well, if I can't smoke to be baptized here is the stuff. He gave us all the tobacco he had and cigarettes. That night was cool. He also came to church and survived the three hours because he was getting a ride home. He is quiet and sweet and very subdued. We also met with a recent convert, David Lukasiak, and Sister Smith came to all our appts with us that night which was really good for her to get out of the house.
Friday- We did weekly planning. We were able to talk to a "Less Active" who is struggling keeping house. We met with Matt again and he watched the Restoration DVD with us and said, "That movie answered all my questions about how he started all this." It was so cool to see him commit to read Enos 1 and pray to know for himself what is true. We met Sister Smith's kids and taught them Sabbath Day. The WHOLE FAMILY CAME!!!!!!
Sat- We went tracting in Manchester. We got two potentials living in a trailer park. I love trailer parks now. They have a lot of humble people who are really simple. They listen as well. We continued to stop by people and met with members and the Covey family again. Dee accepted and baptism date is set for Nov 12th. Carissa did as well! We taught the Atonement, simplified! Dee gave a perfect Alma 32 definition of faith. She inspires me!

ALL of our investigators came to all three hours! HALLELUJAH
We met with members and Correlated with our Ward mission leader. I was so happy this week!
Sister Jones and I are singing this Thursday at the fireside and her b-day is on Friday.

Love you,
Finish Strong and You can do Hard Things!

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