Monday, November 7, 2011

Working Hard in Chelsea

Dear Family,
This will be as long as I can make it because I didn't write you last week. I am so sorry about having you wait. Well I never know whats best. Do I tell you how my week went by covering each day? Or do I just hit highlights that I can remember? Or do I tell you about the studies insights I have had? Or just tell you about the amazing Spirit that is here when Sister Jones and I work together with only love in our hearts and not stress that she is leaving in a week.

I am learning it is difficult to teach someone who is willing to have you in their home, but not want to talk about your beliefs. It is difficult to help them start becoming a seeker of truth. But that is also what we do. Plant those seeds and help those that are not seeking start seeking.
I learned that every one is at different levels. And that if you need to stop talking in mid sentence because you see your comp hasn't spoken for a couple of min, or the person listening has spoken in a few min, then that is alright.
I learned that We Worship God our Heavenly Father. We also worship Jesus Christ. I don't know if we really worship the Holy Ghost, but I do know that I am equally grateful for each. I know their roles and what they plan on doing for me. I know why also.
We are teaching some people who are breaking a serious commandment and they don't know it yet. And we have been advised to share with them and strengthen their testimony in the Book of Mormon first and Joseph Smith, before we teach this commandment. Pray they continue to read and ask questions to God for confirmation of truth that we teach.
I learned on Fast Sunday that there were a lot of families praying for Sister Missionaries in Chelsea. Some went up and bore their testimony for the first time. Almost a whole family went up that are less-active, but are now active and have received a calling to be ward missionaries. AWESOME!
We are also teaching amazing people. The reason is because we have wonderful members in the ward. But even if they are awesome some still choose not to read the Book of Mormon. And of course that is not a good thing. By the way I am in Alma 39. I think I will make it to Dec 23 like President asked us to. Anyways the Book of Mormon is so wonderful and brings so much peace and understanding.
I also bore my testimony in one our lessons on Friday about Family Home Evening and it's vital role in my life as well as all of my siblings lives. I don't know how much it impacted my parents, but my siblings are closer to God because of FHE. I liked when we would be taught by Dad, getting all serious with serious questions about the gospel. One particular story was when they taught us about turning the other cheek. And giving more to another person than your shirt but also you jacket. I don't know if that is exactly in the Bible, but I remember talking about walking with a person one mile then going with him twain or something like that. I learned that I need to press forward a little bit more to myself in how I serve others. And I think my parents and family do really well in that principle.
We gave a church tour that was successful, and yet he wasn't able to make it to church the next day. So we did have only one investigator at church but We were happy that he came! Very proud, of this certain investigator because he is married to a member and he is showing progression in the way he interacts with her and the rest of the ward.
Yesterday we met with a wonderful woman who has brain cancer and is very calm and seems interested in what we teach. OF course she was interested in the Plan, but she had never heard about the pre-earth life. Amazes me every time. She committed to read 2 Nephi 2.
AND BY THE WAY OUR WARD MISSION LEADER IS AWESOME! He is funny and lets us vent and is excited with us when we tell him miracles and asks the right questions. We love him so much and are grateful for every things he does and prepares for. He is catching the vision!
P.S. in testimony meeting and little boy bore his testimony about a nightmare he had. It had demons in it and he was calling out for his family and was praying that his family would be on the other side of this door that he was about to open. Then once he opened the door he heard his dad call him to wake up and get ready for church. And heard his sister in the bathroom. It was a great example of faith I think. It came from a cute 9 year old boy. His sister then bore hers after telling us that she and her little brother practiced the night before what they were going to share. Then their mom gave hers. It was wonderful!
SO I love all of you and can't wait to see who is going to replace Sister Jones. It might be the new sister coming which means I might be her trainer. We will see. I need to prepare always for that job.

Finish Strong!
Love Sister Burnham! xoxoxoxox

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