Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Well I found out this morning from President Holmes that I am training! Her name Sister Bishop and she is from Utah. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!
She is going to love Chelsea. I Love Chelsea! I meet her tomorrow morning at 9 and then she sets off with me and Sister M around 12:30. I am so happy, yet I am going to miss Sister Jones so much. Wow, mixed emotions. I couldn't believe it was actually happening that I am going to be able to train a sister to be a missionary. Wow, I am not a MTC teacher, but I get to be hands on with her which is even better. It's going to help me remember the fire I had when I came out and I am glad that she is coming to Chelsea. Best first area I think. When I came out to Monroe, I was told that the area was a teaching area. Well, Chelsea is a teaching area, but it is only called that because people when we tract into their homes they talk to us. I LOVE CHELSEA! I am so happy that I can try my leadership shoes on.
So I will let you know how the first week goes. I get an extra hour of comp study because of the training program we have now. YEAH!
Mom, I got the boots! They are perfect for this weather and are working great. I can wear them anywhere. I made the cake as soon as I could. It was good! Thank You! You can send me things like that anytime:)
I am happy Sean is now a missionary. I am happy he is leaving to go work hard. I hope he has all he needs. Make sure you take pictures before you drive into the MTC. Last time we did that thinking we could take pictures off to the side and instead I left right away.
...Read the Book of Mormon everyday! If it's only a verse than its only a verse. But if you do not have the stories and doctrine in your mind at all times you won't give the spirit enough material to work with in times that you need it the most. You have to fill the well within so the Holy Spirit can draw from it. I guess that is for all of us right?
Finish Strong today so God can help you do hard things tomorrow! (Like opening your eyes in the morning)
Sister Burnham

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