Monday, October 17, 2011

Watch out for Deer!

This week I was amazed at the Love Jesus Offers Me! I LOVE Hymns!
He offered me a chance to live. Last night at 8:40 I hit a Deer going home. The car has a small dent in it and the driver side mirror is taken off and smashed. Tiny bit of blood and Sister Jones thinks she saw the deer wobble or walk away. I did not have my brights on. I screamed loud. We called Elder Harbertson two min. later and pulled off the side of the road. So today we are going to a dealership to see what the cost of the damage is. I didn't even try to dodge it, but I did press on the brakes. It happened so fast for me.

Jesus offered me a chance to find people every day this week. He offered me a chance to trust Him by stopping and helping a lady who was not interested in what we presented, but she wanted us to visit an aunt who is old and sick just down the street. We are scheduling that soon.
Jesus offered me repentance as I slowed my train of thought in lessons and tried to catch myself when I started to complicate things. He offered me a reminder that Sister Jones and I are remembered by the members and we are lead by people that don't even know us. Example was in Stake Conference.

Sister Jones and I are doing a lot more role playing in our Comp study. We are doing this exercise, where I state true doctrine, then she gives a follow-up question and waits for me to answer, then she reiterates what I said and waits if I have anything else to add. It worked out really well today, and I noticed how much courage it takes to teach simply. You share a short sentence and wait to let the person think, when in reality I want to keep talking and sharing all the knowledge I know. Wow, the spirit was sweet and so strong in my heart.
Our goal is to bring people on date and find more investigators. where members can come with us. We are grateful for every referral we receive and contact!
I learned also that my spirit is OLD! So it must have a lot of wisdom already, I just don't remember it. So I thought to myself, then why do I fear when I have a really old spirit in me, so to speak, that has been with God and that gained a witness that this plan was meant to be and is real. So when I feel I can't do something I think about MY Spirit/or ME!!!!!! I can do this. I have that knowledge and that it was created by GOD!
WOW I love the Gospel! Finish Strong! I can do Hard things!
Sister Burnham

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