Monday, September 26, 2011

Forget Not

A little picture of what President Uchtdorf talked about at the General Relief Society Meeting on Saturday night.

Dear Family,

Oh how I love you!
I am sorry I wasn't able to get a letter from you this week, but thats okay I know that you are so busy. I am surprised when it doesn't come though. I hope you are well and seeing many miracles.
This week was interesting. I was able to sit next to Jenni at the Broadcast. I was able to eat lots of tasty pie and teach a lesson. It was interesting because the two sisters from sterling heights joined. We had a member there and Edna, one of my baptisms, saw me and didn't want to leave me, so she sat in it as well. She is getting up there in age, but it was so cute to hear her say the opening prayer. It was so child like and sweet.
We are working with great people who are wanting to make a change in their life. One investigator is going to tell us in a week if he wants to join or not. We are hesitant because we want to call him every day now and prompt him to recognize the Spirit. I don't know if I need to sit back and let him study and pray for a week or call him. ............ I think I will call him sometimes during the week. He loves us and really cherishes the members.
I am working on asking good questions in lessons. I AM HORRIBLE AT THIS! I just talk to people instead of teach them and that doesn't work. So I am humbling myself. If you have any good questions I can use in my lessons to teach the restoration or the Plan of Salvation or even some of the commandments, please i would love some input.
I am telling myself now that I can do hard things. If I think God wants me to do something and i think it is hard or scary, I am trying to vocally tell myself I can do hard things.
This is the last week of the transfer which means Sister Jones might be staying her last transfer here or she might move for her last transfer.
I struggling in being to casual in some parts of my mission. The way i talk to people or treat others. I need to be a little bit more professional when I am even with Sister Jones in our cozy apt.
It's been a hard week for me, But I will finish strong and do hard things.
I hope all is well, I love you!
By the way did I tell you I sat next to Jenni. I sure loved having her there. I am so spoiled here on the mission. I missed Mom, though. I feel it would have been complete if Mom was there with us. But it is cool Mom, that you were watching it too.

Love you Beautiful Ladies of the Burnham Family!

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