Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Zone Conference

This week and last were full of miracles, but today I want to tell you what I learned at the Zone Conference yesterday.
The notes I took are for all of us. But I want future missionaries to focus on this especially.
Teach for Conversion and True Repentance. To teach this we must have lived it. How converted are you? If you are not yet close to knowing with out a doubt who's you are, and where you came from, and what your ultimate goal is, I suggest you find out. In that I have found peace and freedom. Freedom from Satan and temptation. Freedom from fear. Freedom to Love unconditionally.
Make A Goal to do Hard things! Missionaries are trained to do hard things. We live to do hard things. I have made a personal goal to love to do lots of hard things a day. I might even put a number on it later. How many hard things do you do a day?
How comfortable are you with change? When it comes time to go home, will you find it difficult to leave earth, because of change or will you leave your will behind and follow Christ?
How do we offend the Spirit? When you go home from church, how long does it take for you to forget what the spirit felt like? How long does it take for you to become rambunctious and forget what it means to have the Spirit with you always? I am working on this between lessons.
What's the language of the Spirit?
How much of the Doctrine of Christ do you know? How much of it can you testify of?
We teach the people who are seeking! How do we figure out that they are seekers?
Our Mission is too casual, so President Holmes gave us a warning that even on the phone we are being too casual. That is my goal, that I am becoming Christ's Missionary! No more horsing around. I can have fun though but what full fills my purpose!
There are means to the End!

Any insights I would love to hear from you!
Finish Strong!
Love You xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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