Monday, August 22, 2011

Feelling Better

I am feeling better. I am 100% healthy. I am glad you liked the letter I wrote to Sean. I had an inner ear thing. I had water in it or something that made me so dizzy I would throw-up if I stood up or started walking. I hated it so much! It was that I had a bad cold the week before. No BUENO!...
This is where I love agency. Agency is the freedom to choose to follow God or not. And in this I am studying what God's priorities are for me, in this area. Some areas, God's priority was to tract, or get to know the members fast, or to spend time reactivating this person or that couple. ... Knowing my purpose as a missionary in Michigan is becoming clearer as I focus on my strengths use them, and then continue to work on my weaknesses as well. When I saw how bearing my testimony was so much easier than before I saw that as an accomplishment and felt the Spirit tell me to keep going and started recognizing more things like that.
I am studying out of the New Testament more. Trying to be able to tell more stories in my teaching. "Teaching like Jesus is fun to do, to do to do to do!!!!" (recognize the primary song?) I have some Book of Mormon stories. My favorite is the Tree of Life and also the story of Teancum. When Teancum was angry and went and tried killing the enemy king he failed and died himself. Captain Moroni was so grieved to hear that his friend, who was so righteous, got too caught up in his revenge and died. I use that for anger problems, obviously! All the things I am studying for investigators, we have been teaching. For example, I am studying Judgment day. I was talking to an investigator who said he knows his mom is in heaven. I asked him about Judgment day and if he believed in it. He said yes. So then I followed-up with the question, "If you believe your mom has not experienced judgment day, why do you think she has already made it to God?" He was interested and understood my question. I bore testimony of the spirit world and how we can feel our loved ones near, and that there is more to learn about the after life. He told me, that through the four missionaries he has been taught by, he doesn't remember ever learning about Judgment day. This all happened the first day I met him. I now want to boast of my GOD! Wow, things like that happen, where you know you were sent to an area for a specific person or many persons. God sends his children. My job is to catch them with love and concern and help with their progression.
I am working on organizing good questions to ask and good commitments to leave with people. ... Jesus, as our perfect example, didn't remember the pre-earth life. But through prayer and studying and much faith he came to know quickly who he was and declared it to many people. I want that! I want to know who I am and declare it with Humility to many people. That is a goal to set. As a missionary, goals are so important. I love to set goals now.

I love you Burnham Family! I pray that you are healthy and strong! Keep up the missionary work and find out who you have always been. You are the Noble and Great ones. Read Abraham 3.
Love, Sister Burnham

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