Friday, August 5, 2011

4 Miracles

Dear Family,

This week was pretty awesome. Sister Jones and I are moving the work along with the Holy Ghost as our third companion. WE are striving to become better at finding people to teach and inviting them to church.
Oh, where to start. Well the miracles this week, are:

1) We got new inv. He is wonderful. He has a open heart to learning truth, he doesn't want to convert exactly to the church, but he wants to learn all he can about us and what we believe. He doesn't know what God really has in store for him. Sometimes I feel like the host on the price is right. I know what is behind door number one and number two, but I can't pick it for them. I can guide them to one, but if are not willing to listen, then they might choose the wrong door. He is 19 and works at a funeral home. SO we are excited to teach the plan and some of the questions of the soul he is wondering about. He said to us after we talked about the book of Mormon, "I need to go to the store and get me one of those." Never have I heard that come out of someones mouth here in Michigan. WAY COOL! We were happy to give him one then.

2) Sunday we had run out of food and when we got to the fourth hour of church the wife of the second counselor in the ward bishopric brought us wraps for dinner. And another member brought us each a green apple. It was an answer to a prayer. I felt like those orphans in the Christmas story about their oranges. I was so thankful for my apple.

3)We had the monthly mission fireside this week. We were able to bring two investigators to it. Brother Fryer and PJ. We watched the Joseph Smith Movie the longer one. It was AWESOME! It was a miracle we got them to come. And we were able to see where PJ is in his progression towards the gospel. I would love some insights or testimonies from the youth who are sixteen. PJ is Sixteen and I feel someone at home can or will connect to him.

4) CARL GOT BAPTIZED SATURDAY! He was my investigator in Romeo. We started teaching him. And we put him on date and he made that date. He is over 70 years old. He entered the waters of baptism in the afternoon. We got there a little before twelve and saw the branch filling the font with buckets and pitchers and trash bins. It was not being filled very quickly so I got to help fill the font. It was so cool to see every one pull together. Even President Holmes was helping out, and took a scary slip from the water on the basketball court. He was right in front of me. He was quick to get right back up and keep helping. What an example. Carl was so appreciative for us Sisters. He calls me shorty. He kept thanking us for getting him started. When he got baptized after he stood there hugging Brother Bishop who baptized him. I was so emotional and filled with so much JOY! Again I saw another one of my investigators baptized. WHAT A MIRACLE!

There are so much more but I am running out of time to write them all.

TO answer some of your questions. The heat is hotter when you walk out side and you feel like you are in a spa. We have tracted some days where it is 90 dgs but it feels like 100 and wet. Homes mostly have air conditioning. I went and bought two lighter summer shirts though. One member got on my case when she saw me wearing my turquoise shirt that I got at Kohl's with Aunt Laurie. She told me that if I don't get some more shirts then she will personally go shopping for me. I didn't want that so I did it last week.

In my personal studies I am reading the New testament. I am trying to be more familiar with the scriptures and understanding how to recognize the Spirit.

Sean, I have a challenge for you this week. Will you allow God to prepare you more for your mission, by writing down times you have felt the Holy Ghost and study how you recognize it? If you can recognize the spirit now then you will be prepared more than any missionary. Teach the family how to recognize the spirit too. Tell me your insights.

Love you all,

Finish Strong,

Sister Burnham

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