Monday, August 29, 2011

Convert yourself

Sisters in front of the Detroit Temple

Sister Burnham didn't write a big letter but she did write a great letter to her soon to be missionary Brother Sean.
So I was watching a missionary clip from Elder Holland that really opened my eyes to what my attitude should be like on the mission. Elder Holland was saying that in previous years the missionaries coming home were falling away from the church. And when President Hinckley was alive he said that their must be something wrong with the mission preparation. Missionaries shouldn't be falling away from the church after their mission if they were truly converted. So my advice this week is to truly convert yourself as much as you can before the mission. Elder Holland reminded us about Peter and how he went back to his fishing after Jesus was crucified. Then Jesus came to them asked them to cast there net on the right side and they did. Peter then realized that it was the Savior and he jumped out of the boat to swim towards him. He was then made breakfast by Christ, and asked three times if he loved the Savior. The qualification to be a good missionary is to check how much you really Love the Savior. How much do you know him? So Elder Holland was yelling on the microphone saying we are to leave out nets which were things Peter lived doing and to go feed the sheep. It was a question I even asked myself. Do I really love the Savior. PMG was made to help convert the missionary so he/she can help convert the investigator. The other memorized discussions were not as useful in this endeavor. So he said you should know PMG and use it your whole mission. Get very comfortable with it Sean. And I laminated mine at the MTC in one of the buildings called the TRC. I think it was upstairs. Anyways that is where I also got my Pat. Blessing shrunk and laminated. So, PMG is to help you know how to study for any concern that someone would need. Know the Book of Mormon stories. We are expected to become better teachers than Elder Holland was or Dad when they were on their missions. You will not have time to do all the activities that it says to do for personal study so try to do some before you leave. I pray that you are not feeling over whelmed and I love you and hope you liked this advice. Good Luck this week. Love you, Finish Strong! xoxoxox

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