Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Transfer and Happiness

Hi Family I got transferred to the area I was just doing exchanges in. I am in Bloomfield Hills. My Comp is Sister Jones. She is going to be one of my favorite friends ever. I love it here already. We cover two wards. One regular and one YSA Ward. Yeah Finally! I am So happy!

Dear Family,
I want to express to you how much this last week of the transfer has been the icing on the cake. Sister Dunn and I found out about transfers a day earlier than the rest of the mission. We were told that we are both being transferred out of the area and being put in different companionship's. Elders are going to white wash into Romeo’s Area now. Lucky for them the appt was newly organized and clean. I think one of the reasons we are transferred around different areas, is because the sisters need to do a deep cleaning every three years after the elders. Hahaha! That was told to me at church this Sunday from a member. I was happy to be there to here that.
So since Friday we have been saying goodbye to people. Sad this is Sister Dunn’s first transfer so she is taking it hard. It was so sweet though at church this week. At church the branch presidency called us up to share our testimonies since we were leaving. Sister Dunn went up first, and then I went up. I took that opportunity to sing hymn#158, Before Thee Lord I Bow My Head. I find singing is the best way I can express my testimony and the joy I feel. Sacrament meeting was perfect for all of us. They talked about being good examples and Choosing the Right. It was so good it made Carl cry. I am sad no one else of our investigators could attend.

We said goodbye to Carl and Mark today. It was a sweet touching moment. They let us know that we did our job, and that he will always be grateful. They were super emotional. Let me tell you, that when old men cry, I mean really old men cry my heart just sinks and reminds me of my grandpas. I miss my grandpa recently, when I was called a “Little Angel” from one of them. I soon went back to the time when I would dance with my grandfather and he would tell me that I was his little angel. An Angel has been described as someone who speaks the Word of Christ by the power of the Holy Ghost. I will keep studying and feasting upon the word to always be prepared to be someone’s angel. And that goes for all of you too. Be that angel to someone else and share your testimony so that they may feel that goodness they might not have felt ever in their life. It is a small and simple thing that brings the Spirit into someone’s life. Go for it!
Last week I was on exchanges with Sister Jones. She is leaving in 3 months and soon going to be training. We were in Bloomfield and the cool thing was the temple is right next door to the stake center. And I got to go to the temple on Thursday Morning. I needed a reminder! It has been too long. And I am so lucky to be able to go every quarter. All the Sisters went with President and Sister Holmes and the Assistants. We had a few members from each of the areas come along as well. It was Awesome!
I learned from Sister Jones how to humble when teaching. I learned that with the spirit you can have the courage to say the right thing. We met with a young man named Shawn. He is in the army. He is turning 20 in Oct. And I thought about Sean and how he should be getting his call soon. SOOOOOOoooo WHERE IS HE GOING? !!!!!!
I love the Work and will miss Romeo very much,
I always grow more from each area I have been in. Monroe, Sterling Heights, and Romeo.
Finish Strong
Love You!

Today Brianne hits her 1/2 way mark!!! Send her some extra love and letters to get her through the next 1/2 of her mission!
Thanks for all your prayers for Sister Burnham.

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