Monday, July 25, 2011

The work is moving along

Sister Jones and Sister Burnham
Usually when I prepare to write you I am so excited, then when I sit down to type everything just leaves my mind. It is so weird. I really need a new memory. So, this week I have made a couple of discoveries. I have found that I don't give out commitments very well. I want to focus on leaving reading assignments from the Book of Mormon. I think that would be a good start. My hope is that I can give out better commitments that apply specifically to their needs as an inv, mem, or LA. That is my goal this week. Commitment Focus. I will tell you how it goes. I am hoping that I will be able to see a change in my investigators and see them progress as I am bold with giving invitations. I am studying from PMG (preach my gospel)and praying for the spirit to help me. Its worse with Member lessons. So I am trying to adapt my teaching to those that are high on the spiritual level as well. It is easier to start simple. So the faith I have right now is based on the many people I have already seen repent and change and go through baptism.
1) Sister Jones woke up this morning after going to bed at 3 because she couldn't sleep. She cleaned the whole apt last night while I was sleeping. She is doing fine now, but I worry lack of sleep will kick in soon. I have not witnessed a mad Sister Jones yet...! I hope she sleeps good tonight.
2) An inv's wife shut the door in our face. We walked away slowly and then we hear him running out to greet us, apologizing for that. He stayed and talked to us more about his life and situations. He doesn't see himself joining the church, but he does want us to teach his daughter somethings. Little does he know!
3) A member called us last night and gave us a referral!
4) Our new inv is Miss Ervin. She is wonderful and welcomed us into her home for 10 min and we were able to set up another time to meet her.
I am hoping to see more miracles this week in the singles ward. It's dwindling in my eyes. I want to see more of the missionary work progress in that area. I pray that we get more referrals from them as well. And I am really sad Nick and Tony are not active any more. They are supposed to be coming. I was surprised to see that they have not come to church the past months I was in Romeo. :(
I am finding it difficult to focus on two wards. But my desire is to be comfortable of my surroundings enough to be able to know people quickly. The wards are bigger and it is taking me longer to get to know everyone. Sister jones was so shy, that we still haven't met every member yet. But that will change. Sister Jones said since I have been here we have had more member appt ever. They are amazing and have done such good work here in Bloomfield. I love being here after Sister Klinlger. She left a good part of hers self here, and I can see how the ward members loved her. Just how they treat us, its fantastic.
The work is moving along. Sister Jones wants dramatic growth, and I have to keep reminding her to except the gradually climb, however slow it might seem, as long as it is climbing higher than before than I am happy. She so desperately wants a baptism, she overwhelms herself sometimes. I have done that too, but my state I am in right now is that I am just grateful to be here and teaching and sharing my testimony with every one that lets us talk to them for a min.
Finish Strong
Love you and will write each of you this week. I loved every one writing me.!

Sister Burnham found Burnham Rd. up in Bloomfield Hills Michigan!

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