Monday, July 18, 2011

Buenos Dias

!Buenos Dias! !Familia!
This past week has been so good for me. My Comp Sister Jones is from Otto Wyoming. She and I are very much alike. We laugh at each other all day and are being silly and sing in almost all our lessons. She is a beautiful alto singer which means I have to take on the role of the's turns out better when I have her singing louder than me...just kidding. Last night we had an experience with music. We sang to Sister Beckett who I have connected with so quickly. She and I had a moment after I said the prayer. It was the first time meeting her and after I finished she said, "This sister has God's spirit within her, she is connected." I was so touched. The next time we met with her Sister Jones and I sang a few hymns, and she kept saying that she couldn't describe the feelings she was having as we were singing. She trusts us so much. She compared me to her son as someone who she would pray with to really feel like God is in the room. She said she loved praying with her son, more than by herself. I was reminded of how powerful the Spirit can be.
What is so interesting is that this has happened many times on the mission. When I was at a leadership training meeting in Lavonia last month, we were practicing, on a few members, how to find people's concerns. When it was my turn I was so nervous. But when I starred at her in the eyes, I all of a sudden felt so much love for the woman. She started to cry, and even though you could hear the other missionaries teaching, it felt like I didn't have to say much to bring the Spirit into her heart. She told me how she saw at the beginning I was nervous and she was anxious for me, but then when I started to talk all of sudden I had things under control. It's the best feeling ever. And I am grateful to be able to participate in miracles like that, often.
More about Sister Jones, she is a farm girl. She owns cows and pigs. They have over 70 cows. She is a hard worker. Oh side note before I forget, we are getting a new car, 2011 Ford Fusion. YAHOO! Anyways, she was supposed to train, but God had other plans for her. We bought tons of veggies. Our fridge is packed full of green stuff and mushrooms, onions, and eggs and squash, and watermelon. We are working on eating healthy! And we do tye-bo at the church every morning.

How are things in your new area? The area is big and rich! The houses are big. I did find a Burnham Rd and Burnham Ct. There are actually two Burnham Rds. We ARE GOING TO TRACT THOSE BEFORE I LEAVE THE AREA! The ward is a normal size.

Is Sister Jones as wonderful as you expected? Yes

How often do you get to see the other sister missionaries? There is a companionship Sister Vance and Vanici that serve in Sterling Heights. I am back in the same district I was before I went to Romeo.

Is there a new area opening up for Sisters somewhere? Sister Klingler is training in a new area being reopened called Waldlake I think.

You only have a handful of Sisters in your mission, right? Yes there is nine. One tripanionship is in Hillstreet's area. Sister Dunn, Sister Pollock, and Sister Packer. Both sister Pollock and Sister Packer are leaving in a few weeks.

How are the wards you're serving in? Awesome! I can't believe how much potential there is for both wards to grow.

Do you go to both wards every Sunday? Yes I bring snacks too!

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