Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Summer Days

Dear Family,
This week had a mind of it's own. Our two new investigators are David and Leon. David was found tracting on Yule Rd.
Leon is a simple young man. He knows he want to get closer to God. He saw we were different than most girls and that we didn't make fun of his stuttering. He has it really bad. But the first lesson we had yesterday with him, we asked him to be baptized. He said Yes and he is preparing to be baptized on July 16th. He doesn't have a car so we are going to talk to him about transportation next lesson. We found out his brother is a former investigator that was we lost. Louis was living with a member and then he had to move out so we couldn't get a hold of him after that. Then low and behold we found his younger brother. YAHOO!
Some of our potentials were found yesterday helping a Mexican lady take her groceries to her home. In appreciation she gave us some watermelon drink from a powder. It was so nice after a long walk to her trailer. But on the way back to our car we talked to some older men getting ready to BBQ who were interested in who we were and what we believe in. The were a little tipsy Sister Dunn said. So they might remember us on Friday or they might not. I hope so. They gave us some apple juice which again was so nice on a hot evening.
One of then men smoking in the back of the porch recognized us as Mormon Missionaries and let us know his son was baptized but doesn't go to church or remember it very well. He didn't want to talk about it much so we gave them all, a card and made a return appt. I hope some of them are married so we can teach their family.
Thank you for the package. IT WAS SO WONDERFUL! All the index cards were fun to read.I love the Primary Book. Thank you so much and the monkey that looks more like a bear with a long tail. Hahahahah! It was fun to laugh about that. I am anxiously waiting to see where Sean is going. Thank you Sara for writing me. That was so sweet of you.

I see too often girls not owning up to standing out and being that person who will dress modestly. I am teaching a young mother of two who would have a different life if she knew how to keep herself morally clean and pure.

Anyways I love you guys so much and hope you are all being missionaries there!
Have pass along cards with you. And give one out! It is a thrill to talk to a total stranger about the gospel. Better than falling out of an airplane! The importance of allowing someone you know have the gospel, by giving them a Book of Mormon and inviting them to come to church or an activity out weighs the many service projects you have done for scouting or the community. Take the plunge and fly. The feeling afterwards is like you just ran a mile race and won! Anyways! Love you!
Finish Strong!
Thanks for all the support and love,
Finish Strong!

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