Monday, June 20, 2011

Jumping for Joy!

Hi ,

The smiling face jumping up and down next to the "hi" is an example of how I feel right now. We have had an awesome week. Sister Dunn and I are teaching two men named Carl and Mark. They are neighbors that live across the street from each other. Mark is a former investigator and Carl was nice to us after we broke his swing sitting on it to long. It was a rotten wood swing that he said was very old. But it got him to come over to our lesson with Mark and he has been studying with us ever since. So Carl is old and Mark is not so old but old enough to be my dad. Carl and Mark also came to church this Sunday. As well as Lee who is really going through some tough times. It is hard to teach Lee because of him not seeing the good in things. He doe not have motivation to read his scriptures. But he does come to church which is a miracle and I am proud of him making that choice. So back to Carl and Mark. Carl is really interested in the Atonement. We are teaching the Plan of Salvation and he was so shocked that the three kingdoms were in the Bible. That made me smile. He doesn't like classes or categorizing people into groups. But after he saw it was in the Bible he was okay with it. Which is understandable. Mark is a writer. He asks a lot of questions and is really curious and every question he has can be answered by the scriptures thankfully. It is awesome to teach them. We also have been teaching them every day. Around 6:30 we pick up a recently activated member, Sandy, and bring her to the lesson. We teach from the Book of Mormon and Bible, and the spirit is always there. It is so cool when we have Carl and Mark read from the Book of Mormon. After reading just one verse they react with a loud WOW or "That was so beautiful." Mark once wrote a question down in scriptures language with a lot of thees and thous and asked us the question at the end of the lesson. It took me back and I got a little overwhelmed, but Sister Dunn understood it and we answered it with a scripture. So we are seeing them today and we are excited to talk about church with them. Mark said to me after church where he should tithe. I was surprised he asked that because when we first met him he said one of them problems he had with us was tithing. He thought we were all about money when he saw the tithing slip. So this time I said we will talk about it more on Monday and I gave him an envelope and slip to keep.

Sister Dunn and I sang Love One Another in the youth Sunday school class and we had Carl and Mark sit in for the beginning to here. They loved it so much. THREE INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH IN ROMEO BRANCH! HOORAY FOR ISRAEL!

Jesse and Brother T.J. are the following miracles this week. Jesse is praying for July 16th to be baptized. She is always thinking about it and we hope she presses forward with that desire growing more and more. We see that change and my heart swells with love for her. She is such an example to her mom as well. She wants to go to the fireside with us and is inviting her mom to come. Her mom doesn't know too much about the church, and is trying to understand why Jesse wants to join. So we think this would be a great opportunity.

Brother Craig entered the church building for the first time this week with Sister Pack being the member present. He felt comfortable and it was a big step to getting him comfortable to come to Sacrament meeting. We watched the Restoration DVD with him there and he loved it. What we are trying to teach him is the Spirit and the difference between the Power of the Holy Ghost and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. But he is progressing.

We had a fun time Sunday teaching a couple through there screen door on the floor of their trailer. James and Judy. They want to teach there daughter about church so she can learn about the Gospel, but they believe she has a bit of sin from Adam and Eve. They told us that they were baptist, but love to listen to people teaching as long as they have the Bible out in front of them. It was a good learning experience for me. I am not as well versed in the Bible. And Sister Dunn for got her scriptures on the couch at home, so I had a crippled companion for a while. But it helped me get more confident teaching from the Bible and got her more confident teaching from the Book of Mormon. We are seeing them next week. We should have traced back to the restoration but we didn't.

We have a family in the Branch and their daughter has MS and is my age. I for some reason have a soft spot for her really have connected with her. She has been struggling with her social life because of her health. I just loved it when we went to our member dinner that we don't have very often, and saw her brighten up. She seemed happier and more understood. It was so cool to see the message we shared really connect with her.

SO the work is moving and the Blessing are coming everyday.

I know that as you focus on the small and simple things the greater things fall in your lap that you can't deny are from your Heavenly Father.

Love you,

Finish Strong!

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