Monday, June 13, 2011

Moving Along

The Work is moving a long. I am taking some chances by seeing our investigators more often. Which means they can't forget us and start getting into a habit of expecting constant contact whether on the phone or by where they live. We need to get back into finding more people, but the branch is getting along better. The area is so nice to teach and do service. The weather is great. Some body we are teaching is making a decision to believe in God and Jesse is wanting to be baptized on her birthday next month. July 20th. She has been praying for that day and also to share the gospel with her friends and Mom. We need more members referrals. But we can always improve.
Sister Dunn and I have made a goal to go for a light brisk walk every morning. It has been going well so far.

Some advice to her soon to be missionary brother:
"In D&C is says that first you must obtain the word before you preach the word. If you are going to commit people to baptism so that they can enter the gate towards eternal life, it is important to know as much about the importance of it as possible."
Mom and Dad I love you and will accomplish this mission with the help of my Savior. The little things and simple tasks are what makes a big difference. God will always be with me.
Love you so much!
Finish Strong!

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