Monday, March 14, 2011

Working Hard and Happy

“No one can ever enter the celestial kingdom unless he is strictly honest.” –Joseph Smith, Jr.
This week was filled with miracles and we are finding people through members up the yeeyang!!!! Sister C gets to teach a recent convert's parents here in Sterling Heights. The recent convert was her second baptism.
The new investigators we recieved were miracles. We prayed with a lot of faith that we would find people to teach. Our prayers were answered through member referrals. We have potential to have a the Martin's baptism on the 26th and then on April 9thMaybe Peggy Alan. We have been encouraging our investigators as much as we can. We have been teaching to there needs and being REAL with them. They see us as humans with love and the intent to help them instead of changing them. I have learned that the Spirit provides the change. We ask them to commit so that they can gain faith knowing it's coming from their will. We have been on fire! I feel like my prayers are being answered more than in my whole life. I have just noticed miracles over and over. I feel so much indebted towards my God. That is my motivation. After I witness a miracle We pray in thanks EVERY TIME!
We are spreading the word about and church tours, to everyone we teach. I see that becoming a valuable teaching tool in some of the homes we visit. Will you as a family or individually complete a profile on that would be wonderful. Then we could share our family member's testimonies! Tell me when you have them finished thanks.
Church was great this week. Four investigators came. That was a miracle. And our reactivated members are coming frequently as well. We are overjoyed! I love being here in sterling heights.
I do need some advice! How do you through a surprise birthday party while still keeping the mission rules? Sister Corbridge is having her 27th on the 31st of March. I guess we will have a fun Planning Session that Friday!
It was great to here from you mom and dad! Thanks for making me laugh!
Some funny things we have experienced this week. Sister Corbridge let me dye her hair ash blonde. That means very very blonde! It came out really cute! Umm.. other than that we are just having fun laughing at each other and with each other.
I don't think I want to see pictures of the kids until after I get home. I want that dramatic effect of seeing them so changed and big!!!! We will see how long that goes for. I might change my mind.
Love you,

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