Monday, March 21, 2011

GOD is In the Work

Last week was a miracle. I was sick with a really bad cold. It was so bad people canceled to meet with us because they didn't want to get sick. But for some reason God allowed us to reach our goals and bring us new people to teach and have lots of opportunities to teach. We have been concentrating on the power of prayer and sharing the Book of Mormon more. We are working on teaching about the Holy Ghost as soon as we are told to by the Spirit. I am surprised we are teaching people from years 9 to 70. And those that are on date to get baptized are solid. Recently Edna the 70 year old is the Aunt of a convert of one year . She is wonderful. We show her we care and she responds to every question we ask her. I can't understand what comes out of her mouth though. She talks with a southern accent plus marbles in her mouth. So Sister Corbridge has to repeat or interpret for me. I even tried sitting really close to watch her mouth. It helped a tiny bit. She knows that she needs to be baptized with the Priesthood and that this is only a beginning. She wants to be baptized on April 23rd.
Sunday was fun. We sang in the choir. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Veronica, who is getting baptized this sat with her mom Rita, sang with us. Her first time with us practicing and she was brave enough to sing, standing in front of the congregation and belt her little heart out as well as she could. I am impressed by her lack of fear. I also appreciated the Stake President commenting on how the Martins are wonderful and recognized them. I find it satisfying when my recent converts and investigators are praised and noticed. I love seeing the spirit embrace them in front of me.
Brother Randy Clark or Brother Ray

One more miracle! On Tuesday night Brother Randy Clark was set up to see the Bishop. He was so worried about it. He was not happy about it at all. He felt it was some kind of disciplinary thing. He told me on the phone that he saw no reason why it was so important to see the Bishop and talk to him. He kept telling me he would lose 50 dollars that night because he had to see the Bishop. But I pressed on him that he would be blessed, that he committed to see us at 8 and that even if he forgot he needed to follow through. So he came grudgingly. What made him come were the kid clothes he had, I told him to bring them and give those to us so we can give it to a family who needs it in the ward. That's his soft spot. He is willing to do anything nice for some one else. When we got there he was still upset. So while he was meeting with the Bishop, I was sick to my stomach wondering what we will have to face afterwards. Will he storm out of the church, will he stay angry? To pass the time I read out of the D&C 136. In there is talked about if you borrowed things you need to restore it to the person you borrowed it from. We through away His helmet ashtray recently and he knew it was us. At the time we felt it was a good idea. He told us that it was his dead brother's dead best friend's. If you followed that way to go. He made us feel so guilty. Or at least I did. Sister Corbridge is able to brush it off easier than me. The thing is was that we couldn't replace it. It was already gone. To my surprise here comes Brother Ray laughing and walking with a jump in his step, thanking the Bishop for the advice he gave and the scriptures that was shared. I WAS SO SHOCKED! I couldn't believe how changed he was. He was so excited about the deeper doctrine in the D&C and when I told him to just flip to a scripture and point to a verse and read it that it would be good. I did that in front of him. And the scripture that I randomly picked fell on the promises for keeping the word of wisdom. Brother Ray's jaw dropped. He said to me that the Bishop had just discussed that scripture I just randomly picked. He told me he is convinced that I am sent from God, and that the Spirit was there. IT WAS SO COOL!!!!! I felt even better.
These kinds of experiences strengthen testimonies. It is so wonderful to be a part of it. With God, we can finish strong.
I feel better. I am singing in the Missionary Fireside on Thursday. Consider The Lilies! And leading the Music. That one I didn't plan. But I am happy to do it. Two Baptisms this Sat at 2.
I also am going to try and send pictures that I printed out from Sister Corbridges camera.
The Weather is rainy some what but nice mostly. I can deal with it much better than the snow and ice.
Love you SOOOOOO Much!!!!!

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