Monday, January 31, 2011

Moving forward and learning much

Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 10:11:52 AM
So my efforts are combined with a lot of prayer and lots more focus on having a spiritual experience every lesson. We have three people, who we hope to be baptized in this transfer. I am getting close to each, even though they are so different. I have read through the Book of Mormon and almost finished and have kept at my goal for reading every night and morning. I am at Moroni. It has helped my companionship some how as well. Sister C and I are doing better than ever. She told me last night that she has not been able to get as close to her companions as she is with me. I can't compare, but I thought it was natural that when you live with someone 24/7 that you would get close. I always welcome conversation and life lessons or stories. But, Sister C said that she never was open with her companions that much. Which to me made me so happy that finally she can. I will never forget how much she has lifted me up.
Some things about Sister Corbridge is she doesn't like to feel like some one is attacking her or critiquing her. If you are questioning her integrity that is hard for her to listen which is understandable. She and I are working to respect each other when we are listening to each other in the morning. She drives and I back the car. I do not like this rule. But I do it. It's the only time I can make a dance move. (The mission rule is that one of the companions has to stand outside the car and guide the driver whenever they back out of a parking spot.) When she eats food she likes ranch with almost everything. She sleep talks. I have only heard her scream once. She likes that I take five min showers because that lets her take 15 min. ones. Which to me seems so long. She likes to laugh and doesn't care that she forgets things or peoples names or makes mistakes. When she does miss a turn or gets something wrong every time she says, "Thus is Life" Oh man it got on my nerves at the beginning. But now I am slowly getting used to it. It's hard, cause I make such a big deal when I make a mistake. Just wait family I will come home changed in so many ways.

My favorite thing to study is the Book of Mormon index and remembering the stories from it. I have actually been able to teach about how important going to church is by comparing it to the pattern I found in the scriptures. Every time people got baptized they established a church. EVERY TIME!!!! And the People of Ammon are amazing because they are so charitable to take in the lamanites without complaining. I love that part. I also look up to Captain Moroni through different eyes.
Another thing I have found I like reading is 3 Ne 18. I love reading about the sacrament. I wish I was better at preparing myself each day to take it every Sunday. Maybe that could be my challenge to all of you to figure out as a family or personally what you can do to prepare your whole soul to take the sacrament. I will follow up, so let me know how that went.
I figured out of all the bad people during Mormon's life there had to be that one good woman to marry and have Moroni. So I hope I get to meet her. I hope I get to meet Alma's wife and Helamen's wife as well.
I have also had a theme when I teach about being patient. And being diligent while you are being patient. That has helped while we have to wait to see someone or teach them. It adds to someone's virtue if they can be diligently waiting for an answer from God.
The only thing that is strange that I have had is Snail, and Calfta. Snail was here in SH (Sterling Heights), and the Calfta was a Lebanon pita pizza. It was like a smashed beef spread on top of a pita bread. Really good.
Thanks for the package I have the CD and it is wonderful. I miss hearing kids sing so it was perfect. We just finished cleaning our clothes and our whole apt. It just needs the floors mopped. We are getting a new mop, broom, and bath rugs. Who knows when these were cleaned or used last.
We have planned to go on exchanges with Bloomfield and Romeo areas so I will tell you how that goes soon.
We are using the members as best as we can. And they are receptive to the phone calls and favors. We are in a really good ward. They might not be as big as CA wards or Utah Wards but it is a great place where we are not afraid to bring investigators to church. We almost know everyone in the ward, active and inactive. We are being strengthened as we go to lessons with members. They are seeing the potential the work is bringing. I am proud of my companion, and think all we need now is a third person and the sky is the limit.
I love how we are growing together, as one. Before it never felt like that. I thought I was the only one learning. But now it is mutual, and if it doesn't feel that way we start talking about it. Since we have been seeing our decisions turn into blessings we have found a new strength. The spirit is being felt all over the place.
We are working on a talk about the story of Goliath of Gath, by Pres. Monson. How everyone has a Goliath. You should read it. I really like how in the talk it said that without the Cross we would not have Christ. This idea of five smooth stones of courage, prayer, humility, love of duty, and effort, is what we are teaching the members and less-actives and anyone who has an addiction. We are excited to finish our lesson plans for this week.

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