Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year

Sent: Monday, January 3, 2011 8:17:11 AM

Here are some little snip-its of Sister Burnhams last email:

Mom, please send the CD. That sounds wonderful! You can scan anything you want. Did you like how it turned out? Thanks for that e-mail too. I loved hearing about what you did for Christmas and New years. Thanks for the advice and Sister Walkers story. I have been given some good advice here too. I went on an exchange with another
Sister here in my district. I learned a lot from her. I hope you like the stories that are in this letter. And no I didn't take any pictures really on Christmas or New years. Sorry. But I did send the card to you so hopefully you get it soon. It was weird seeing Jenni at Church this Sunday. But it was a cool weird. I love her so much and I love the munchkins!!!!! We can only see her at her house twice a month but that is okay. Oh and we got a couch from the Gertches!!! Yeah!
The Bishop is awesome! He is so excited to help us with referrals. He is a tease to. I feel like he could be my uncle or something. I love the ward!When I don't understand something i have to talk it out, but sometimes i don't want to hear advice until I know i have said everything i wanted to say. But as missionaries we are to testify, Sister Corbridge reminded me. I had the hardest time getting through that. It's like at door approaches. but maybe with door approaches I just am afraid. So that is something I am praying for. Just to have faith to rely on the spirit to send a message to the people I am talking to.
I have been able to talk more because Sister Corbridge has lost her voice. So that was fun this week to deal with. One thing I have noticed is that recently whenever i choose to sing at lesson, the people really seem surprised. Like they are able to hear beautiful hymns sung at no cost. Sister Corbridge loves when they are silent and reverent after I finish. I just love bearing testimony through song. Singing really is how I can find the courage to communicate. Who can deny the spirit when you here the hymns. It is so cool how the hymns soften hearts.
Well people are getting used to us. And our ward family has been getting more attendance since we have church at 1 now.

So the ward mission leader and ward missionaries are really interested in what us Sisters are going to do. We are defiantly not going to do it alone. The ward will have a big part in there progress.

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