Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Sugar and Exercising!!!

Another great email from Sister Burnham. Lots of investigators to talk about!!!

Well, We thought the Library would be closed yesterday, but it wasn't. I hope it's alright that we are e-mailing you today. One of our lessons were not home so we took the time to e-mail. We have had some great miracles come about.
An investigator is trying to quit smoking. He has a big interest in the Book of Mormon, and he is so nice. He was confused why God would command Nephi to kill a drunk man defensless named Laban. We are not having sugar desserts to help him quit smoking. I think if we help him learn about the power of prayer and the Holy Ghost and tie everything to the restoration he will be prepared to be baptized in Feb. We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for him. Did I tell you he is full blown Italian, it is AWESOME!!!!!

Another girl is a great story. She was watching a TV show and a Mormon ad came on. She felt a burning in her chest which surprised her. She called for the elders to see her. They taught her for a bit, but dropped them soon after. Then later on she felt something missing in her life. She kept going back to what she learned from the elders. She then read about a girl who died of cancer and wrote to the pastor who wrote a sermon based on the girls funeral. She was so touched. The pastor wrote back and told her with confidence that she needed to find a church near her and attend it regularly. She then right afterwards checked her phone and saw that Sister Corbridge and I called. That was her answer and called us back. We set a time to meet. She was so nice. Her place is so organized. She wants to be baptized on Feb. 5th. But then she couldn't make it to church because she was baby-sitting her grandchildren so we have to move her date to Feb 6th or later. But she is ready. She even told us that she knows already that this is what she wants to do. I am excited also to teach her. I love her already.
We have contacted a few of former investigators that have been dropped for some time and have set some appts up. I am grateful for all of the opportunities and potential these might bring. Sister Corbridge and I fell that every day is different. We really never know for sure what the Lord is going to have in store for us. But we do press on and try to follow the promptings of the spirit.
I have been relying on Sister corbridge more than I thought. And now we are slowly getting back into the grove of things. There is a lot of work ahead of us and we finally feel the investigators trust us. And the members are so excited for these Church tours and how they are going to affect the work.
SO we are teaching the members a lesson on Amazing Grace. But with the Mormon twist. That we have grace after all we can do. We had a dinner at a members house. They invited a couple of friends that were not members. Breakfast for dinner. And no dessert because we are quiting desserts for an investigator. If the investigator doesn't smoke we will not eat desserts. It is going good so far. So we taught the Amazing Grace lesson and then I sang it in front of the guests while still at the dinner table. It was great. They loved it. But we didn't have time to make any appts with the guests. Hopefully we can do it again and they would be interested. A member in the ward is the angle who made that all possible.
We found the gym.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited. But we had to make a few changes with our schedule to use it. In the mornings we study from 6:30-8:30. Then we workout from 8:30-9:00. Then we get ready for the day from 9-10. It worked this morning and it is a nice change. I am in Alma 25. I started reading the Book of Mormon over again highlighting my small Book of Mormon that Chris Sevy gave me. I am also finding out how much of a perfectionist I am. Some days I am okay, and others I even get on my own nerves more than I get on Sister Corbridge's nerves.
We still have not been able to get any tours planned. I hope the fliers that are being made will help convince the members that we are really going with this and that we need there participation. Our Ward Mission leader is making them. His career is in advertising so he is going to a professional job. YEAH US!!!!!!
Thank you Family for everything and I thank the Lord for the Scriptures that have been the Grace of the Lord during this time.
PS, Mom please make sure the letters that go to the ward are edited. I make so many mistakes because I am writing as fast as I can to get everything I want into one hour. And I can't wait for the package!!!!!!!
Dad, I would love to get a copy of your talk and any notes you took from President Marshall.
Jenni, I missed you at church!! So cool to say! I hope your headache is gone. Brooklyn was so cute this Sunday. And Sacrament Meeting was so good.
Sean, Don't forget I love you and wish that you are learning a lot spiritually at BYU. I want to here more about what you are doing!!!
Ryan, You too!!!! I love you and hope you are being nice to Sara. How is driving? How is school? How is Cemetary!!
Sara, I still miss your art work. I miss your sweet voice. But I know when I come back you will be just as sweet or even sweeter. Be strong and don't forget to write in your journal. I hope that you are reading your scriptures everyday.
Oh that goes for all my younger siblings. I love you and wish that I could bottle the love I feel here and send it to you. It changes hearts here in Michigan. This Love is for everyone. Find out what you can do to receive that Love. Heavenly Father is just waiting very patiently to give it to you.

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