Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miracles and a flat tire...

This Past week we have had miracles after miracles.
Okay I am so sorry for not writing to you mom. I didn't get your letter in time, so I just wrote to Dad. Oops! I will remember that next time.
So I received the Ward Letter. And I will try to write this letter so Sister Walker can put it into the Ward letter for next month or whatever you want them to know.

My testimony of Fasting has grown. During our fast I went tracting while the Sun was shining high. We had no snow fall last week until Sunday. Sunday we had nine inches. During tracting we only had to knock on two doors and already we had a new investigator. Three doors down we taught another young lady who let us in
because we looked young and hip. Thanks for the new dress code! This was while Sister Corbridge was in Hill Street and Sister Klingler was teaching with me. It's better Sister Corbridge went, because if I did, I found out from her comp that I would have killed her. I guess our personalities clash. But we all are daughters of God!
Sister Klingler came to Sterling Heights while Sister Corbridge went to Hill St. That was fun. I was able to drive which I love to do. Surprisingly I knew where I was and we never had to really use the GPS. Maybe once or twice. Sister Klingler loved Sterling Heights. She loved teaching our investigators and found a new freedom. She was there when we gave an investigator Andrew, a church tour. Andrew at the end committed to Sister Klingler's "As you...will you..." Yeah! I talked to her before about Hard commitments. She was surprised I have never given a soft one. I only know how to do hard commitments. Which means saying Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ instead of a soft commitment saying, As you come to know these things will you or are you willing to be baptized?

So the focus we had was to teach simple and not worry who starts the lesson. I had
a conversation with her about how Sister Corbridge and how I have seen Sister Corbridge tecniques and was disappointed. Sister Sung is teaching the same way Sister Corbridge did five months ago.
Later we went to pick up a member to come to a lesson and when we got there she came out and told us her husband just died in Ohio and she was very calm about it. In shock she was running around trying to tell her neighbor that she couldn't teach her kids today because of the event. I could only stay with Sister Zufall for a little bit because I had to meet Sister Corbridge and exchange back.
When we did, I felt this sad feeling like I was releasing Sister Klingler back to the wolves. Sister Klingler told me if she is patient and waits 5 min, Sister Sung calms down from being mad then everything is fine. I was grateful to see my comp again even though it was only 24 hours we had been apart. We met with the Martin family and after we left started to cry. We were that happy to be back together. Sister Corbridge did not have a great time teaching with Sister Sung. We even gave a prayer of thanks in the car for bringing us back safely together.
Friday Night we got a flat tire. I was able to get the jack and spare tire out and was just about to loosen the bolts when Brother Bentley came to help us. I was so close to changing my first flat tire on the mission. But it was a good teaching moment for Brother Bentley's 12year old son.

Sat was also a day of miracles. We finally were able to meet with a few formers and gained them as new investigators. They had the question about temples. The member who was with us was able to answer the question and I remember thanking God for allowing time for her to be with us. Cause Sister Corbridge and I would not have been able to fully answer her concern. Later that night we had a dinner appt. and a member referral was there and we gained Emily as an investigator. She is 18 and ready to learn why she can feel peace and gain strength in the gospel to know what her purpose is.
Sunday we had four people at church and was happy to know all of them are on date. And they stayed more than one hour. Some two some three.
So good week!!

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